Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Grilled Cheese: Plain & Perfect

Ever since I could turn a spatula, my grilled cheese has been widely loved and highly praised …mostly by my little brother, but shut up, you’re gonna love it.

The key is not to over-think it. There are three ingredients: bread, butter, and cheese. Thinking it needs a little “something extra?” Think not. Would you finger-paint the walls of the Taj Mahal? No. Don’t go adding crazy things to this perfect sandwich. Once, I ordered a grilled cheese and when it came to my table, there was MAYONNAISE on it. Like, what? Unacceptable. Don’t do that.

Step 1: Bread. 
Regular wheat bread is always your best bet. (I prefer Mrs. Baird's.) It’s stronger than white bread and doesn’t have enough flavor to cancel out the star of the sandwich (the cheese, duh).

Step 2: Butter.
Technically we’re using margarine, but isn’t “butter” much more fun to say? Anyway, I use Country Crock Light. (I can’t be all chubs when I marry my lad, ya know?) Spread a thin, even layer on one side of each piece of bread. Don't get lazy. Cover the WHOLE side, because perfect grilled cheeses don’t have burnt crusts, mkay? 

Step 3: Cheese. 
Don’t get fancy on me, now: Kraft American slices are the only way to go. You’ll need two slices per sandwich, and the way the cheese is applied is the key to perfection. If you can see any part of your bread, you are wrong. I don't care how you do it, just get it done. 

Step 4: Grill. 
Put the skillet on the burner and crank it up to medium-high. Use your spatula to flip it once your first side is golden-brown. Make the second side look the same, then hustle and remove it from the skillet.

Step 5: Slice. 
There’s a lot of controversy on how to slice a grilled cheese. I’m here to tell you that a diagonal slice is the only way to go.

Step 6: Eat. 
...and we’re done here.

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  1. tHiS pOsT iS sO gAY LoLzZZZ -Grilled Cheese Expert

  2. What's with the faux Burberry napkin?