Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Insta-ads (Now We're Rich)

As most of you surely know by now, yesterday there was lots of talk uproar about Instagram's new privacy policy that apparently gave Instagram the right to sell its users' photos without consent or notification. (Huh? ...that means they could make money off your photos and you get nothing.) Well, it turns out, it was mostly a big scare and you can read all about that here because I'm not here to catch you up on current events. 

The timing of all this privacy policy buzz was actually kind of ironic, you see, The Duds & I recently sold all our Instagram photos for booze money. Anyway, it turns out all the good advertisers weren't interested in our photos (Coca Cola, where u at?) so ours went to some more obscure products and services. 

Megan & her brother playing some sort of sport that requires a high waistline (meggiemax) had their photo turned into an ad for a very necessary friendship service.

Jessica's broke-down slinky (jestark19) was featured in an ad for anger management classes. Personally, I think this ad is kind of a stretch... (you love me.)
My beautiful dog, Molly, who has questionable judgement (nicolesever) is being used to prevent unwanted dog pregnancy. :/
Caroline's morphine-induced hospital selfie (carolinefev) is being used to sell high-end hospital gowns.

And one of Rachel's greatest achievements (rachelbottlinger) can be seen featured in anti-bullying PSA. 

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  1. Great blog post, Nicole! If only I had any friends on Instagram.