Thursday, December 6, 2012

The 5 Best Fight Scenes. Ever. Of All Time.

Most of my Saturday afternoons are occupied with movie marathons, and there's nothing I love more than a great fight scene. A greatly choreographed brawl can make any movie better in my eyes. I've picked out a couple of scuffles that stand out to quickly discuss with you all (I also included videos because I'm that nice):

5. The Avengers: Thor (aka Wearer of Mother's Drapes) v. Iron Man (aka Metal Man)

If a tree falls in a forest because a demi-god was smashed into it, does it make a sound? In this match-up, we see two superheroes fighting over who gets custody of Loki. It's basically a shot-for-shot reproduction of when Odin and Frigga were going through some hard times, and nobody wanted to take Loki to figure skating practice. Uncle Tony wins the battle of wits and sarcasm, but Thor debatably won the physical match with his amazing head-butting capabilities.

4. Crazy, Stupid, Love: Cal v. Jacob v. Bernie v. David Lindhagen

A simple quarrel finally bringing together all of the story-lines from Crazy, Stupid, Love. Probably the most realistic fist fight from a movie. Because, really, who would actually know what to do in a fight? And, come on. Ryan Gosling. Whenever he takes off his ring to punch David Lindhagen, I am reminded of anytime a girl gets ready to fight and has someone hold their jewelry.

3. Kill Bill Vol 2: Beatrix Kiddo v. Elle Driver

This fight sequence has all of my favorite elements: dramatic sound effects, prolonged suspenseful moments, one-liners, samurai swords, and an anti-tobacco message. The setting of the fight being in a trailer makes it so much more entertaining. The lack of space forces the fighters to be a bit more creative with their maneuvers. Like throwing your opponent through a wall to make more space. Efficiency.

2. Equilibrium: Cleric John Preston v. any nameless guard

This selection isn't exactly a single fight, yet a compilation of every time someone pisses off the cleric. They all know when it's coming too. You can tell from all the obscenities that they yell right before John mercilessly shoots/beats/stabs them. The real winner here is John's bullets that magically never run out.

1. Inception: Arthur v. Gravity
Note: At 2:13 in the video, JGL earns the "Jessica Seal of Approval" for the next Spiderman

You would think that Arthur's opponent would be the gun-wielding subconscious projections of Fischer, but you would be mistaken. Arthur deals with those punks everyday. The real goal in this fight for Arthur was not being crushed by the housekeeping carts while the gravity around him keeps shifting. He proves to be as quick as a cat and survives to become the next Batman (sorry, wrong Christopher Nolan movie).

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