Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yule-Tide Sweets

Okay readers, you haven't known me long but there is one thing you should know about me. I love food. A lot. In fact, my dad lovingly called me "the garbage disposal" today when he offered me some snicker doodle cookies and I initially turned them down. I ended up eating them out of a need to keep my reputation intact. So when it comes to the holiday season, I don't mess around. From Thanksgiving Day until a few days after Christmas I'm constantly eating desserts. I have a few favorite categories that I give special attention.


Me, circa 2009. Making the dreams of
a nice gingerbread family come true.
Let's be real for a second. When we are discussing christmas cookies, there are only 2 that we can legitimately discuss. Sugar cookies and gingerbread. My grandma has a boss sugar cookie recipe that I have mastered in making over the past few years. They are perfect. They're deliciously soft and they hold the shape of whatever cookie cutter you may use whether it's candy canes or christmas trees. Personally I use my set of Star Wars cookie cutters. We all know that cookies are more delicious when formed into fun shapes. It's a scientific fact. Which brings us to the most famous christmas cookie shapes, the gingerbread man and subsequent gingerbread house (those gingerbread men need someplace to live, ya know? They're not gingerbread hobos). Gingerbread is where I have the most fun. It's the only treat where it is socially acceptable to play with your food. When I try to play with crab legs, the wait staff at Red Lobster just look at me weird. Also, gingerbread decorating parties are the bomb dot com. First, you can make a tangible version of your dream house. It's not realistic, but my dream house is always made out of food as should everyone's. Secondly, you can eat a ton of sweets without being judged. In the picture above, you can admire one of my masterpieces. But look out for the demon snowman I accidently created. My dreams are still haunted by it. Note, Red Hots do NOT make acceptable eyes.


You are a scrooge if you let a Christmas season pass without having a candy cane, and I reserve the right to stab you with my candy cane shiv. I know I felt like curling up in a ball crying when I couldn't find a box of plain candy canes at my Walmart (I didn't do it though, because I don't know what else has been on the Walmart floor). Whenever you have some leftover candy canes, you can crush them up and make some peppermint bark. Or, just buy it. Whatevs. But, there is no greater candy than free candy. Anyone who owns a windowless white van can tell you that. Which is why I love Sonic's holiday hybrid pepper/spearmints. I love Sonic anyway, but they are a great added bonus to my festive cranberry limeade. 

Anything Pumpkin:

Pumpkin flavored desserts are probably the most seasonal of all. Everyone goes into a pumpkin craze as soon as mid-October. And I'm not complaining. There are the general goodies like pumpkin pie/bread, but there is so much more goodness than those. My favorite day of the year is the day that Starbuck's starts making pumpkin spice lattes. If it were the same day as my birthday, I don't think I could handle my own happiness. Fellow dud Nicole makes some top notch pumpkin muffins with some kind of glaze that I think is made out of unicorn tears. An unexpected pumpkin treat is pumpkin-chocolate-chip cookies. Look up a recipe right now. You can thank me later. But, my all-time favorite is the pumpkin log. I feel sad for those of you that have never heard of this gourdelicious treat. To sum it up, it's a spiral of cream cheese interlaced in pumpkin bread rolled into a cylinder (hence, log). Sometimes served at room temperature, but I eat it straight out of the fridge. I seriously asked for one for Christmas. It's that good.


  1. cute Jess--didn't know you did or had this blog!

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