Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Breaking Bad: A Super Intellectual Analysis (Part 2)


It's been two weeks since part 1 of my Breaking Bad series. When we last spoke I was up to Season 2, Episode 5. Last night, Tell and I finished Season 3. We probably could have finished every episode on Netflix by now if we weren't planning a wedding, but you win some, you lose some, ya know? 

[Not-so] friendly reminder: do not spoil anything for me. Whoever commented on the last post as "Saul Goodman:" I had not met Saul yet so thanks a lot. Small spoilers are still spoilers and I hope you step in gum.

Moving are my latest Breaking Bad quandaries:

1. Who has time for those breakfasts? I know Walt and Skyler are divorced but not really, but how weird is it that they have a full-on, Wolfgang-Puck-style-breakfast every morning?Compared to my hurried, grab-a-frozen-poptart-eat-it-on-the-way mornings, I just really can't fathom how anyone takes the time prepare a breakfast that looks straight out of the food pyramid. It looks amazing, don't get me wrong, but I'm lucky if I have time to put my shoes on before I pull into the office.

2. How do they get their money into those cool rolls? Is there a YouTube tutorial I can watch on that? Because I'd like to pay off all my debts in rolled cash balls from now on.

3. Will I ever like Skyler? I suspect not. She's still a raging, monster-size biatch and I'm losing my patience. She wants a divorce, she doesn't want a divorce; she hates the meth biz, then she wants to partner up...all I want is for someone to pop her skull with an ATM machine.

"blue meth costs 2 wishes"
4. I never liked Gale anyway. The very first time he showed up I told Tell that I didn't like Gale. He was a creep and now he's dead and I'm only sad because Jesse did it. (Side note: Tell suspects that Gale is not really dead, to which I'm like, nah, you crazy.)

5. As for Gus? At first I had trouble picturing him as a drug lord because I first knew Giancarlo Esposito as the Genie/newspaper editor on Once Upon A Time. 

Tell and I plan on starting up Season 4 tonight and I'm trying to get him to bet me on whether Gale's dead or not. Everyone cross your fingers- I'm going to win myself a family size bag of Doritos.


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