Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Unrealistic Life Goal

Today I was at a conference and they kept saying, "know your dream job." Thinking back on it today, I know what my dream job is but my dream for life in general is to be made into an action figure. Not just a small 8 inch plastic statue that looks like a version of me that had a botched face lift though. I want to be made into an actual action figure with like analytical karate chop. The Spock action figure and my action figure would be the best of friends because of our mutual love of logic.

On weekends, action figure me would join the Action League NOW gang to help save the world (seriously, how great was that show?). I would stay away from Meltman for obvious reasons. For example, him melting all over my plastic shoes.

Mattel and Toys R Us, I'll be awaiting your call about my impending toy deal.

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