Thursday, January 3, 2013

Onward & Upward: Nicole's 2012

Happy New Year on behalf of The Duds. Thank you for tolerating our 1.5-week holiday, but don't fret because we're back. In this short week, we each decided to reflect and write about some New-Year-themed topics. 

For me, 2012 was full of milestones. I almost didn't realize how momentous 2012 was for me until NYE, when I was bed-ridden with bronchitis (yum). I remembered New Year's Day 2012, a day of one of my most monstrous panic attacks, when I couldn't quite wrap my head around graduating from college. When I look back at how scared I was, I feel silly. Sure, I went through a lot of major changes in the past year, but isn't it funny how everything has a way of turning out alright? Let's review:

The Career
During my entire time as an Advertising undergrad, I knew I wanted to work at an ad agency once I graduated. I took the right steps- interned as a sophomore, got promoted to Account Coordinator as a junior, and worked incredibly hard to make good relationships. I was at one place for three years and intended to stick around, but still wondered what else I could do...where else I could go. I thought I'd apply other places for post-grad, but never did, which I still regret. Anyway, in the midst of negotiating a full-time position with my agency, I got offered a position I thought I'd have never considered: Marketing Director for my family's business. This was the single hardest decision I made in 2012. I loved my agency job and I especially loved the people I worked with. But the thing about the family business is, well, it's family. My parents needed someone and I was genuinely their first choice- something I was honored to know. I took the job as Marketing Director. 

The House
Following my acceptance of the position as Marketing Director, I felt it was time to invest like a grown-up, so I bought a house! I looked at entirely too many options and probably made the realtor hate me, but I finally found one that was just right. I had a big Maker's and coke before closing (don't tell my realtor), but I did it and I absolutely love having my own place.

The Graduation
My proudest, most dreaded moment of 2012- graduation from Texas Tech University. Now, seven+ months later, I still have trouble describing this moment. It was happy, sad, exciting, terrifying, and a million more contradicting emotions all at once. I still miss college...more than I ever thought I would, but I'm proud that I finished and am now an alum.

The Proposal
Inverse to my career milestone, this was my easiest decision of 2012. My boyfriend of nearly seven years, Tell, asked me to a nice dinner just two days after graduation. Naturally, I thought we were celebrating that. I got home and got ready, deciding to wear an ivory lace dress like some kind of psychic. Tell came over with my favorite wine and asked me to have a glass before dinner (DUH). If you know me, you know I was talking Tell's ear off too much to notice how nervous he was. He hugged me, told me some of the sweetest things he's ever said, then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Through my flood of tears, I said "yes." To date, this was the happiest day of my life.

In 2012, I went from being financially-dependent to fully supporting myself as an adult with a mortgage. I went from a girl with a boyfriend to a woman with a future family. I'm not here to tell you that these changes were easy. In fact, although the most memorable, this was possibly the hardest year on my emotions. Each of these milestones were gut-wrenching and terrifying but I'm glad every one of them happened. I feel like 2012 was a big growing year for me and although I hope 2013 is exciting, I do hope it slows down just a bit. So far on the calendar I've only got one milestone: get married. I think I can handle that. 

As for resolutions, I'm usually opposed to making any; however, this year feels so fresh that it's hard not to. I've always made it my goal of sorts to take more pictures. Not that I'm a photographer by any means, I just feel like I'll be sorry if I wind up old and have no photos of my 20s. I finally bought myself a good camera so, #1 - take more pictures. I'd also like to find some peace. It sounds super hippie-ish and stuff, but I just want to be happy. To relax, to like who I am, where I'm at, without reservation. So, #2 - be more peaceful. Finally, I'd like to savor the moment. It's easy to miss things and with our wedding and more happy moments coming up, I want to be where I am and remember it all to the fullest. So, #3 - savor moments. (...You guys probably think I should have some sort of resolution about cutting out mashed potatoes and Doritos so to you I say, how about resolving to quit being so judge-y?)

Whether you're approaching a year full of changes, or a year of unknowns...I hope you make it a great, Dudly 2013 and I wish you all the best.

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