Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wedding Planning: the Marriage

In the wake of all my stress-induced wedding posts, I thought I'd expand on my upcoming nuptials in a more positive way. Lucky for me, the stress has (almost) completely died down and I've had more time to just be excited! There are more than a few things I'm looking forward to about being married, but I'll stick to the highlights: 

1. Being with my best friend 
I finally get to live with my very best friend. (And I don't have to be passive-aggressive about how he loads the dishwasher.) In all seriousness, I'm so excited to build a home together and to see him every day. He's so fun to be around and always knows how to turn my bad days into good ones with the silly things he does. I'll finally be able to talk openly to other people about how excited we are to have a family and how much I hope my kids are just like him. Not that I've felt uncomfortable thinking about building a family with him, just that, I'm afraid it's not as appropriate to discuss if you aren't married. 

2. Changing my name
I'm a little worried I'll miss my maiden name, but I'm actually pretty stoked to get a new one. I remember being 15 and doodling "Mrs. Tell Campbell" in my notebook like some sort of cliché. After March 16th, I really will be Mrs. Tell Campbell. It makes my inner teenager all giggly inside to think about it. Plus, I'll finally know what to call my dog when she's in trouble. Until now it's been, "Molly Se- Cam- Hey Butthead, knock it off!"

3. People will finally quit asking when we're getting married
I guess it's because we dated for so long, but we definitely got asked this a lot. I'm glad we don't have to answer it anymore, and word to the wise, don't ever ask a couple that's awkward. I've heard the "when are you going to have kids?" question is worse, and more frequent so we may just be trading one evil for another. (FYI- I don't know.)

4. Hopefully this locks us in for a super romantic death 
Ideally, the whole, holding hands, last breath together, kind of death would be cool. Not necessarily because I want to die at the same time as'd just be a pretty awesome story a la "The Notebook." Besides, cinematic history points to some pretty awful deaths for people who aren't married. I mean, if nothing else, I definitely don't want to Tell to die in frigid waters after our cruise ship breaks in half.

5. The wedding
Stressful planning aside, I have so many amazing people who are helping me put together the day I've always dreamed of. It won't be long now, just 45 more days. Even if something goes wrong, I know it will still be the very best day of my life. 

Happy Wednesday,

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