Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wedding Planning: Night & Daymares

Several weeks have passed since I first gave you a glimpse into my vivacious second-life as a stress-filled wedding planner. Today marks exactly two months until Tell and my wedding day, so I thought I'd give you an update since I know you're all on the edge of your seats.

First and foremost, my wedding dress FINALLY arrived. It was the correct color this time, but, of course, they sent it to the wrong house. Oh and you know how you have to sign for important packages (i.e. wedding dresses) or UPS won't leave it? Yeah. I waited all day at my mom's house to sign for it and it never came. There I was, imagining some UPS man went rogue and drove my dress to Mexico, when really, the bridal shop just sent it to the wrong house. LOL. A few heated phone calls later, I picked it up from UPS myself and now, all is well.

While most of my wedding planning woes have subsided, I still find myself insanely stressed about such a big day. You know why? Because there's an infinite number of things that could go wrong. I've never been a pessimist, but when it comes down to being the center of attention in front of everyone you've ever known, preventative planning is key. Here are my biggest wedding nightmares:

Me, walking toward my future husband
1. I trip and fall. This is not such a stretch since I am easily the clumsiest person I know. Plus, my outdoor wedding puts me at a disadvantage because...terrain. Add the fact that I'm wearing 3.5 inch heels (because they're pretty) and I'm the ultimate recipe for disaster. 

2. I spill something on myself. Going back to my utter lack of grace, this is also a likely disaster. I can just picture myself spilling something so permanent like red wine all down my dress. (And don't tell me to drink white wine. White wine is for people who don't like wine.)

3. I rip my dress. This might actually more likely than spilling on the dress. I'm pretty much the queen of walking too close to doorways and having that little latch part (what's that called? actually, I don't care) rip straight through my shirt. 

4. I go down the aisle at the wrong time. Like, in my daymares, I just picture me forgetting when I'm supposed to go down the aisle and then I'm the first one there. And then it's the worst awkward situation because I have to leave and then come back again later. sickness & in horrifying facial expressions
5. I cry the whole time. Newsflash: I cry. I cry when I'm sad, mad, happy, or just generally overwhelmed by any emotion. And I'm not a pretty crier. I'm hoping I can keep it in-check, though, because if I'm up there looking like this dude (to the right) then Tell might be the one who speaks before he has to forever hold his peace.

I'm not under the impression that nothing will go wrong on our wedding day, but I'll be fine as long as none of these things do. I'm taking precautions (looking into bubble wrap for pre-ceremony dress protection) so I'll just ask y'all to do me a favor and put me on your prayer lists and whatnot. It takes a village to make sure I don't make an ass of myself.

Happy Wednesday,


  1. Colebaby, your KK will be there to prevent all but #5 (crying) because I will be snorting into a kleenex all the way through your vows.
    I think you should add another stresser....The Weather! I talk to God every day about that but He might be taking care of an area other than Ransom Canyon.
    Anyway, it will all come off perfect for us as long as the two of you say vows!

  2. You could also have bad Brazilian food for lunch!

  3. I will probably say "white wine is for people who don't like wine" many many times....all credit to you.