Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Outing with KK

With my wedding just one month away, my grandmother ("KK" is her nickname) found herself in a predicament over what to wear. In order to relieve her stress, I agreed to go shopping with her for an outfit. Today we met for lunch then proceeded to head to the mall. My KK has never been one for humility and is famous for her mouth, so, I asked her if I could blog about our day together to which she replied, "cool-chill." (Whatever that means...) Hopefully it was consent because here goes:

We started at KK's favorite sandwich shop, Which Wich. After placing our orders for the usual subs, she made sure I got out my free sandwich punch-card and nearly had a coronary of happiness when they gave us a free sub despite my lack of punches. (I was equally as excited, obviously.) After this elation, she told me she'd like to "splurge" (on calories) and have a root beer to drink. 

KK...passing notes like it's not 2013
When we sat down, I remembered to give my KK a note that my mother had asked me to deliver. Not a note like a thank you was literally on legal yellow paper and inquired KK about an outfit for my aunt. (My mom & KK are both email-capable.) So I gave KK the note and she had a lot to say back to my mom. Naturally, she wrote it on the same piece of paper and asked me to return it. I should mention that I was the only one who found this odd.

While we ate, we discussed a plethora of topics, including the valuable advice to "Floss. Floss every day of your life and don't be a wuss about it." She was pretty adamant. 

Anyway, next, we headed to good ol' South Plains Mall...Dillard's to be exact. As we approached the entrance, we were met by two young sorority sisters in Nike shorts and t-shirts. One was wearing a plastic tiara. KK and I exchanged a glance (because who the hell wears a tiara to the mall?) Once the girls were in front of us, but still well-within earshot, she said, "Did you see that? She thinks she's Miss Texas!" I'm not sure if they heard her but wearing a tiara to the mall is dumb, so I hope she did. (If you're reading this, tiara-girl, take it off.)

In the women's department upstairs, KK and I shopped for an outfit for her to wear for the wedding. We found a couple she liked and we also found a some similar to the ones she bought "over at hoochie-doo's." (hoochie-doo: KK's word for when she can't think of a person/place/thing). Her favorite outfit consisted of a blue top and black pants. She asked me if I thought the black pants would be okay for the wedding to which I replied, "sure, I mean, Tell is wearing black and so are the dads." I'm not sure what I expected her to say about that, but what I got was, "well, I've never been lumped in with all the guys before but it sounds exciting!!" ...She bought the black pants.

Days like today make me so happy about the family I was born into, and especially thankful for my KK. She's one of my biggest personal heros in this life and I can only hope to be half as awesome when I'm a grandmother. I love you, KK, and we've designated you an Honorary Dud. I know you'll wear (and probably shout) the title proudly.

Flossing now,

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  1. That was awesome to read about KK. I hope my nieces and nephew feel the same way when with their grandparents; and for me too!!!

    Nicole, I enjoyed reading your blog!
    Carmen Laffey