Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Celebrities I Can't Tell Apart

In the wake of Oscar Sunday (is that an official US holiday yet?), I hope you all enjoyed our incessant tweeting about Anne Hathaway (who we hate) and Jennifer Lawrence (who we love). And for those of you who (understandably) unfollowed us on Twitter, why don't you get back on the wagon? Off the wagon? On..I think...just re-follow us, okay? 

As inspiration for this post, I've decided to elaborate on one of my tweets from Sunday:

I've been thinking and you know what I realized? There are A LOT of celebrities I get mixed up. Like, this is a regular thing..where I make an ass of myself asking why Billy Bob Thornton is at the Oscars. So, I've compiled a list and as you read, if you listen closely, you can hear Caroline beating her head against a wall. 

1. Bette Midler & Barbra Streisand:

They're pretty much identical. And one's a singer? Or they both sing? One was in Meet the Parents...I guess it was Barbra. What does Bette Midler actually even do? Now that I'm IMDb-ing them, Barbra is actually in everything I thought Bette Midler was. 

2. Liza Minnelli & Liz Taylor

I can't be alone on this one. I mean, Liz...Liza...old ladies, dark hair. I think they are/were both singers? Anyway, this was the most confusing pair of celebrities until Liz Taylor died and I realized they weren't the same person. (Side Note: Kris Jenner, say "hello!" to future you!)

3. Gary Busey & Steve Buscemi

Okay, so they don't look alike, but they both invoke the same feeling inside me. You know that feeling that you get when you run through the house at night in the dark and you feel like someone's watching/chasing you? That's it.

4. Marisa Tomei & Melanie Lynskey

I only know Melanie Lynskey's name because I watched Perks of being a Wallflower the other day and called "Aunt Helen" "Marisa Tomei" in my head the entire time and then got all confused when the credits didn't coincide. I thought they were both Marisa Tomei. Oops.

5. Don Cheadle & Wesley Snipes

Repeat Marisa Tomei/Melanie Lynskey syndrome. I didn't have them mixed up so much as I thought they were the same person. 

In general, I find it annoying when celebrities look nearly identical to one another...I can't be blamed for the effects of that. I should probably just IMDb people before I try to comment on a movie they weren't in. But realistically, I probably won't. It's not my fault they look alike and the people around me have freakishly talented ways of telling actors apart.

Until next Wednesday, 

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