Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gift Guide: Valentines for Guys

Okay, so let's talk about Valentine's Day. This (mostly hated) holiday is usually hyped as a day full of romance and magic, but let's be honest, it never really turns out that way. In my experience, Valentine's Day is always better when we simply take the time to let each other know that we love one another. It doesn't have to be some crazy scavenger hunt full of poems, or a gift every hour on the hour...just a simple gift or gesture that says, "I'm happy I'm with you."

The key to a great Valentine's gift for your boyfriend/fiancĂ©/husband is thoughtfulness. Think about what he would want...not what you would want. Girls like cute-sy things like flowers and hearts. Boys do not. Play into his hobbies or sense of humor. Another thing to keep in mind (for any gift) is that the most cherished of all are the ones they wouldn't normally buy themselves. 

4: Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler // 5: His Favorite Liquors // 6: Crate & Barrel Bar Cart

I suggest pairing any gift with a nice card that has a sweet note inside. And if you were thinking of having more of a cost-free Valentine's Day, here are a few tried-and-true ideas:

1. Cook his favorite meal. Whether it's perfect or not doesn't matter, just that you took the time to try. 

2. Create a slideshow of the two of you. This was actually one of my most well-received vday gifts: I put a slideshow together of photos and scanned-in love notes between the two of us and showed it to him before we went to dinner. He loved it. Most importantly, if you do this, don't post it. It's only special when it's between the two of you.

3. Do something he loves. Does he love to camp but you can't stand it? Go camping with him. If the person you love, loves something, it will make you happy to give that gift.

4. Be nostalgic. Build a living room fort and talk about the good old days..tell him the time you first noticed him, liked him, loved him. Even if he doesn't say much back, it's still fun to hear how much you love him.

Good Luck Out There,

(Disclaimer: no one paid me to promote their products, but if someone wants to pay me for that, I am totally down.)

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