Thursday, February 21, 2013

I am Liz Lemon (as told by GIFs)

Obviously I like television. Except I have been insanely busy the past few weeks and only get to watch TV for about 30 minutes each night from about 12:30-1 while I get ready for bed/the next insanely busy day (seriously readers, count yourself lucky that I took time to write this week LyLaS). In other words, I've been watching a lot of 30 Rock lately. One reason why I enjoy watching 30 Rock so much is because I can relate to pretty much every word/action/thought of Liz Lemon. Think I'm over-exaggerating? Think again with these similarities:

We both know how to bust a move


We both handle high stress situations with grace

Our passion for food knows no bounds

I also love giving self-fives to show everyone how awesome I am


I literally have this plant in my living room (but don't fret, I don't take it on bike rides)

Why wouldn't you try to make events seem more fun while 

reminding everyone that attendance is required?

From time to time, I too find myself in the middle of a scene from Bambi

Finally we both know when something needs to be shut down. So, bye.

Ok, one more

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