Friday, March 8, 2013

Tall Girl Problems

At 5'9.5" (measured myself last week after a discussion that led me to doubt how tall I really I am), I'm tall. I know this isn't green giant or She-Hulk size or anything, but still. I like being tall, don't get me wrong, it's awesome. Everything is always in reach, I never get lost in crowds, and I can usually see over fences with ease. But, problems do arise when you are vertically gifted:

-I have to shop for pants online because stores hardly ever keep longs on the shelf. And when they do, they're a size 00. And then I get caught in a perplexed mental state tying to figure out how someone tall enough to wear longs can also fit into a 00. Are they able to go out on windy days without fear of being blown into Oz?

-I haven't been able to take a bath and be comfortable. Ever. People say how relaxing a nice, hot bath is, and I'm over here saying "my knees are cold."

-The size of my feet have to be proportional to my height so I can balance myself. Which means I have slightly large feet (or as Dud Rachel so lovingly calls them, Water-skis). So, whenever I go to buy shoes I am always reminded of that Full House episode where Michelle has a growth spurt, her feet explode in size, and has that nightmare of going to clown college. Although, I could totally be a clown. I can already juggle and make balloon animals.

-Taking pictures can prove to be problematic. Either I stand up straight and look like a giant, or I awkwardly scrunch into frame. I blame this on most of my friends being a half a foot shorter than me.

-Sleeves are never long enough. Every once in a while I get lucky and buy I shirt that has the illusion that the sleeves will be long enough, then I wash it once, and it's doomed forever. No amount of stretching will bring it back. I hate winter because my wrists are always cold.

-Every time I meet a new person (and this even happened within the last week), they eventually ask if I played basketball in high school. I did, but I was horrible because of my lack of aggression.

-Sitting in the back seats of cars is super fun. Especially since I'm the only one in my family who doesn't get car sick, so I get to sit in the very back of my parent's suburban during family trips. My legs love all the space (3/4 of this bullet point is sarcasm).

See you around. Literally. I will be able to see you.

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