Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Best Day Ever

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So, I'm married now. I'm not sure why I assumed I would feel like an entirely different person, but that hasn't happened. I think maybe I just thought I would feel like an adult once it was official...I don't at all. I'm over here like, "who let us do that?" Throughout our engagement I was just so excited to be to this part– the actual married part– so now that we're finally here it's just surreal. I'm stuck in this little cloud of ecstatic disbelief. 

Our wedding and honeymoon were so perfectly amazing, I wanted to share my personal favorite/most memorable moments. There's a lot of them so bear with was only the biggest event of my life.

The Wedding Eve with my Mom 
...when she pulled me aside and gave me a long letter telling me how much I meant to her and included several old photos of us. There are few gifts I've received as special as that one.

The Pre-Wedding Panic Attack 
...and the subsequent through-the-door meeting between Tell and me. I don't know what got into me. Around lunch on the wedding day I started getting majorly nervous. I should clarify that I wasn't scared of getting married or anything, it's just that...when the magnitude of a moment hits you...sometimes it just hits hard. Luckily, my maid of honor arranged for Tell and I to talk without seeing one another. Just talking to him and holding his hand made me feel infinitely better, but also made me realize how sure I was of everything.  

favorite new outfit
Finally Showing my Dad & stepDad my Dress 
I've had a blended family since age five, so I've got four parents instead of two. Neither of them had seen my dress yet, and I'd been hiding from them the whole wedding day. We set it up so that I could meet with each one and do the "big reveal." Both were so sweet and this meeting with each of them now sits at the top of my favorite memories of them. Talking about and anticipating a moment like that could never prepare you for the actual preciousness of hugging your daddy(s) while wearing a wedding dress.

The Actual Ceremony 
Honestly, I hardly remember it. All I can remember is staring at Tell and trying not to fall over. But, it's what made us married... I'm glad it's on video. OH and this is when I had a tried-and-true Nicole moment. My veil wrapped around my dad's leg and got pulled out of my hair. So bridal. Aside from that, I didn't fall, I didn't cry (too much), and we were successfully wed in holy matrimony (not "macaroni" like I thought until ~age 10).

My Maid of Honor's Toast 
She's literally been my best friend since birth - and that's the real definition of "literally," not the Chris Traeger definition. Anyway, it was so special and perfect to hear everything she said about Tell and me and how she gave him her blessing to be my best friend too. :) 

The Duds Dollar Dance 
Some people think dollar dances are tacky, but I'm here to tell you that those people are idiots. Not only do you get extra cash, you also get to dance with a TON of your guests that you may not have gotten to otherwise. This includes the fact that Rachel, Caroline, Jessica, and Megan paid to dance with me at one time. It was hilarious, ridiculous, and my favorite thing ever. Y'all. I love The Duds.

My New Nephew Hugging Me 
...and sweetly shouting, "you're my aunt now!!" then running away. I mean, just kill me now and mark my headstone "death by cuteness." I've dated Tell since before he was born, so it melted my heart to know he was as excited about being my nephew as I am to be his aunt.

post-confetti, wedding night selfie
Making our Confetti-Filled Exit 
Through our tunnel of friends of family, hugging all our crying parents, and finally having a moment to ourselves...only to ask each other if we could really believe we got married. 

Traveling Together 
...alone, really, for the first time. We've taken road trips and all that, but traveling to the Bahamas together and getting asked a billion times if we were on our honeymoon made it so fun. This is also the point when I FINALLY found out where we were going. We stayed at Sandals in George Town, Bahamas and if I ever go missing y'all know where to find me. It was paradise. 

Being (almost) the Only Non-Senior Citizens at the Resort. 
You may wonder why that's a good thing. It's actually the ideal situation because when you're in a sea of seniors, it's pretty much a guarantee that you'll look the hottest in a swimsuit. 

Georgette, waving from 100 yds
My favorite Bahamian in all the land. Georgette worked for the resort taking photos of guests in hope that they can get you to spend your partial life-savings on them. Tell and I first met Georgette when she approached our cabana, leaned in like creepers at bars do, and offered us a free photo session. We declined, but that didn't stop us from being Georgette's favorite guests. She waved like a nut every time she saw us. But hands down, my favorite part about Georgette was the fact that the back of her shirt said "PHOTOSHOP." Seriously, no one else's shirt had anything on it. I have no idea why it made me laugh so hard. Like, since I'm not as proficient in that Adobe program, can I get one that says "ILLUSTRATOR" on the back? My biggest regret is not taking a picture of Georgette. I also can't find one on the Sandals website. I hope I properly captured her essence for you. If not, just imagine a large, short, Bahamian woman awkwardly dancing directly through a marching band/parade wearing a camera around her neck...because that happened.

Simply, Everything
The wedding and honeymoon were just perfect. All the planning and frustrations are over now and I can see how they were completely worth it. Having EVERYONE we love all in one place to witness the most important day of our lives, then spending six solid days in paradise with my new husband...I mean, can I just live in those moments forever? I can't think of anything that could have made me happier. 

Forever & Always,

P.S. I'll post more wedding photos once we get them, but in the meantime if you'd like some Dudly/behind the scenes shots just search #nicoleandtell on Instagram. 

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  1. ...its about time!!! congrats!!! kind of upset i wasn't invited, but I'm really HAPPY for you two.