Friday, April 12, 2013

Breaking Bad: Reasons I Can't Stand Skyler White

what I scream every time Skyler talks
Tell and I are officially caught completely up with Breaking Bad! We finished Episode 8 of Season 5 last night, so I'm not behind everyone like a big loser anymore. If you haven't started Breaking Bad yet, DO IT, YO. Also, spoiler alert.

Skyler White is probably one of my most hated fictional characters of all time. Think of all the fictional characters you hate, then reread my previous statement. Yeah, she sucks. Fellow Dud, Jessica, does not agree with me so I will explain to you why I can't stand Skyler White and you all can harass Jess about it until she changes her mind. Thx.

#1  She spells it SKYLER.
Am I crazy, or isn't it supposed to be SKYLAR? In general, I'm not a fan of spelling names different just to be different. #coalitiontogetpeopletostopdoingthatshit 

#2  Crying
No one feels sorry for you and all your money. YOU HAVE A STORAGE SHED FULL OF MONEY. Stop crying. Furthermore, stop crying about how bad Walt treats you. "OMG my husband is so scaryyyy." OMG, YOU CHEATED ON HIS CANCER-RIDDEN SELF. Which brings me to my next point:

#3  She's a skank
Here, Sky-dulterer locks lips IN THE COPY ROOM, WITH HER BOSS. Also, I would like to call attention to the incredible awkwardness of this kiss. It looks like he fell asleep and landed on her face.

#4  This face

#5  This face

#6  This face

#7  The general melodrama of her every action
You hate your husband. WE GET IT. You obviously don't hate him enough to get a real buzz going, though, because that white wine will leave you stone-cold sober, amirite?

#8  Her home decor
If I had a storage shed full of money right now, the first thing I would do is finish decorating my house. Get it together, Skyler, and update that monstrosity. I mean, lattice room dividers? Really?

Checkmate. She's the worst. 


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