Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Game of Thrones Experience as told in GIFs.

Last week, I finally jumped on the Game of Thrones bandwagon.

Following the premiere of its third season and having to hear literally everyone and their dog talking about it, I started feeling mighty left out. As a girl with a reoccurring nerd problem of getting severely and painfully obsessed with things, especially if said things comes packaged with it's own mythology (I'm looking at you, Hunger Games), I knew I was about to ruin my life. And I did.

I watched seven HOURS of Season One in a day. Honestly, the only reason I didn't finish the full first season in one sitting was because it was a) 2:00 in the morning and b) I  desperately needed a break to recover. I am a twin, after all. (Let's leave it at that).

Although I am only 2 episodes deep into Season 2 (DO NOT SPOIL ME), I'm taking advantage of the Duds to share a play-by-play commentary on this nasty, gory, complicated, awesome, addicting show in .GIFs.


First time I heard the theme song and watching the opening credits sequence:

Very first scene with those blue-eyed people and the body parts:

Whenever Peter Dinklage is on screen:

First spotting of Robb Stark:

When all the Lannisters are on screen together. 

Being a twin watching twincest: 

Arya doing anything: 

Sansa doing anything:

Viserys checking out his sister's boobs:

First time I saw Khal Drogo:

Last time I saw Khal Drogo:

When Catelyn's sister is breastfeeding her kid: 

When Dany eats the horse heart:

When Viserys dies:

Whenever the story goes to the Wall:

When that knight gets a shard of wood in his throat while jousting and the camera stays on him:

 When Drogo rips that one guy open:

My general reaction to basically everything on Game of Thrones:

When we learn Joffrey is a child of twincest:

Joffery in general:

When Ned gets speared in the leg and you think he's dead:

When he's alive at the beginning of the next episode:

When Ned confesses himself as a traitor:

 When Ned gets his head chopped off:

Finishing Season 1:

Game of Thrones, y'all. Check it.

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