Monday, April 15, 2013

The Burning House

As a kid, I was super, crazy paranoid that something would happen to my house. Tornadoes scared the absolute shit out of me (I watched The Wizard of Oz like every day when I was little), and I worried about the house catching on fire.

My little brother, Nic, always had nightmares about clowns driving firetrucks and evil Mickey Mouses. I, however, always had dreams about tornadoes and fires destroying my house. I mean, hell, my room was on the second story. 7-year-old Rachel knew she'd be screwed. I remember one night putting all of my stuffed animals in my daybed with me because the thought of losing them made me sad. Such a glass half full kind of kid, right?

Anyways, about a year ago I discovered The Burning House, a blog where different people share what they would save if their house were on fire. It really makes you think.

Falsa blanket from New Mexico - A special someone purchased it for me. The picture doesn't do it justice; it has tiny, colorful specs sewn throughout. Kewl.

1960s shift dress - My first vintage find, this dress will always and forever have a place in my closet.

Louis Vuitton purse - Worth lots o' doll hairs. Wouldn't want to lose this beaut.

Memory box - Full of photos, postcards, and letters, it has tons of sentimental value.

Pantone book - After officially being accepted to Chicago Portfolio School, I need it. Nerd alert.

MacBook Pro + Marc Jacobs case - My life is on this computer and the case was a gift from a bad ass guy named Chad Andrews.

Ray Ban aviators - I feel naked without them. They're my trademark, yo.

daily jewelry - Michael Kors watch, two rings, three bracelets. Gotta have 'em.

Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers" on vinyl -This was my very first record, given to me by my Uncle Kevin. It's original, zipper and bulge and everything. I got my first record player shortly after.

Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" on vinyl - This was my mom's. She saved up her Dairy Queen paycheck and bought it when it first came out. It's a little worn, but it still plays.

favorite t-shirt - Seriously. Greatest shirt ever. EVER.

Chuck Taylors - I live in these bad boys.

Eleanor R. Bottlinger (not pictured above due to sketchiness) - She's my baybay.

So, yeah, that's that. Let's get real, though, I would be a panicky mess if my house were on fire. Like, crying and hyperventilating and then later dying from smoke inhalation from trying to catch my sketch ballz cat.

I asked The Duds what they would save.

Nicole would save her dog, Molly

 Jessica would save her precious duck drawing.
Quack, I guess.

Caroline would save her Canadian passport
I mean, with a picture like that...

Megan would "definitely save" her Rosie O'Donnell Barbie.




  1. Molly's a slut.

  2. I wonder what a psychiatrist would say about your prized posessions.
    This would be a good exercise for us all to do! But...honestly, Nicole, Molly???
    Loved it!!!