Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Meaning Of Friendship

Friendships are made to challenge you, help you, strengthen you and guide you. I've always dreamed that I would have friends like in the movie Now and Then. Even though they grow to have different lives they all come back together and it's like nothing has changed.

I expected all of my friendships to be like that. My summer creek gang and I when growing up, would all grow up and come back together as if nothing had changed except our martial status and maybe puberty, for some of us. But that's not how life works.

Once college hit, I craved for something new and exciting, fresh friends and a new scenery. It welcomed me but not with the open arms I was expecting. There were challenges that brewed between old and new. College changed me. I grew accustomed to apologizing without meaning it, saying that "we needed to catch up" and never did, committing to hanging out but flaking out, and hurting people who really cared about me. It's something I will always regret.

Now comes the real world, which I strived for it to be like the show Friends. Always comparing myself as a cross between Rachel and Joey, but who hasn't compared there lives to the characters on Friends. In the working world , I go to happy hours with coworkers and meet up with college friends on random weekends and make time for everyone. In real life, it's never like that.

One of my best friends said to me, even though we grow apart and it's hard, it's just a lesson to learn how to deal with different things, there will probably never be another time in our life when we are exactly in the same stage but we learn how to remain friends.

So here is the point to this post, I'm sorry to those I have hurt in the past, I'm sorry to those I hurt in the future. I'm not perfect but I want to work on growing our friendship in a positive light.

Sorry for getting so deep y'all, but life lessons can hurt like a bee-sting.

-Yours truly,


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