Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gift Guide: Mother's Day

T-minus 11 days until Mother's Day. I'm going to place a safe bet that you guys don't have a gift for your mom yet. Don't worry, because the good news is I'm about to do all the work for you. Plus, 11 days is still plenty of time to order/ship something that doesn't suck. First thing's first though, if your mom told you "oh, you don't have to get me anything, being your mother is enough gift to me..." THEN YOUR MOM IS A LIAR. But she's also a super nice lady, so how about you buy her a present, hm?

1: Wine Pearls // 2: David & Young Scarf // 3: Spa Gift Set // 

1: Recipe Box + Cards // 2: Palermo Woven Tote // 3: Tulip Bouquet //

You're Welcome,

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