Thursday, June 27, 2013

Big Brother Predictions

The summer god in the form of Julie Chen has returned and Big Brother is gracing our tv screens once again. Now in it's 15th season, Big Brother is the only thing I care about during the summer. I've been watching since season 2 and have been there through all the twists and backstabbing happening in this California household. I usually make wild and crazy assumptions of what will happen when each season begins, and then when I'm eventually right no one believes me that I knew it would happen. So, I am sharing all my summer predictions with you so I have proof along with my personal assumptions about who I will like. (Read to the end where I call out the craziest Big Brother twist ever)

Most likely to win: Aaryn

Let's just start out with the big prediction. I think Aaryn has what it takes to get to the end. She seems to have the smarts to know what's going on, she has that southern charm to make her social game unstoppable, and she can hang with the guys in a physical competition. Literally.

Get it? Hang.

Person I will absolutely hate: Jessie

At first, I thought my least favorite would be Elissa. Just because she is the sister to my least favorite reality show contestant of all time. When she said that she was Rachel's sister I wanted to throw my tv out the window and be done for the summer.

But little did I know, there was someone much much worse. She does not deserve the name Jessie. As a person who's childhood nickname was Jessie, I hereby revoke her name privileges. From now on, she will be referred to as Smaug.

Now here's the problem with Smaug. She keeps saying how much better she is than everyone else. How all the girls will be jealous of her, and all the guys will want her. You know who Smaug loves? Smaug. Hopefully she gets voted out soon.

Unemployed Smaug: Envied by all

My fave house member: Kaitlin

I was going to say Nick, but he is way too loud for my liking. I seriously had to turn down my volume every time they would show his commentary. Like a banshee that one is.

My favorite person will be Kaitlin, the bartender from Minnesota (gotta love BB for constantly reminding us of everyone's occupation and residence). She seems a lot more down to earth then the other girls in the house. Last night she said that she grows tired of girl drama and cattiness. Let's hope that she actually meant that...

Kaitlin being introduced to the other girls of the house.
Notice the look of "What are these people?"

Person who will lie the most: Adam

He talked about how he teaches people to lie for a living. I'm not saying that he'll be good at it. On the contrary. He will be the person who is constantly getting caught in a lie. It shall be entertaining. Plus, no one can trust a person with that many cats on their shirt.


Person to get voted out first: Elissa

While watching the episode, I figured it would be McCrae. That sad awkward music they kept playing when he was on-screen was my biggest indicator. But then he won Head-Of-Household, so that won't happen.

But this Elissa is Rachel Reilly's sister. For those of you who don't know who Rachel is, she is a past winner who annoyed the living bee-geezus out of me. People are already figuring out that the two are related. Which isn't exactly a surprise. They look exactly the same.

Ok, so I couldn't exactly find a picture of them together.
But trust me, the ducks are accurate.
But people will figure it out, feel threatened, and vote her out. I won't be too sad about it.

Person most likely to transform into a werewolf: Our 1/8 Cherokee Warrior, Jeremy

I mean come on, there's already been two instances of foreshadowing.
1. He said he had an inner warrior living inside him.
2. Jessie compared him to Taylor Lautner's Twilight character.

It's already a done deal. The biggest twist during this season will be that during the next full moon, Jeremy will turn into a werewolf and immediately eliminate one houseguest. You heard it here first.

Happy summer everyone,

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  1. Big Brother is easily the worst show on television. -The Buds