Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Wedding: The Video!

Today, I'm excited to finally get to share our wedding video with you! When I first watched it, I expected to get emotional and cry, but I didn't. All I can do is smile from ear to ear when I watch this video and think back to what a perfect, wonderful day it was in our lives. I especially loved getting to see all the little moments I missed (like seeing Tell getting ready with his groomsmen) or the moments I just always want to remember (like our dance at the end of the night). 

For those of you getting married, I highly recommend hiring a videographer. It was something I debated a lot since neither of our parents really cared whether we had one. Tell and I paid this cost on our own and I'm so glad we decided to do so. Pictures are amazing and I truly believe they're something you should splurge on, but something about having a video just puts you right back in the wedding day. Our video was shot and edited by Austin Dodson and I could not be happier with the final product. Enjoy!

Happy Wednesday,

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