Monday, June 10, 2013

Songs I'm Kinda Embarrassed to Admit I Like

We all have them. Guilty pleasure songs. You know, the ones you practically break an arm trying to hit seek when they come on your iPod in front of others.

Saturday Night - Bay City Rollers

I like this song WAY more than I should. Like, WAY WAY WAY more than I should. Especially after a couple of Maker's and diets. One time, my dad was feeding goats with this song playing in the background and my life was pretty much made.

C'Mon and Ride It (The Train) - Quad City DJ's

I had Jock Jams Volume 3 on cassette tape and would only listen to this song (okay, okay, and Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex). With poetic lyrics like "girl I wanna walla in the back of my Impala," no wonder Quad City DJ's were asked to sing the Space Jam theme song. The music video screams "fun" and makes me want to wear a lime green sports bra and dance in a VERY WRONG looking spacecraft.

Sheryl Crow.

IT'S TRUE. I LOVE SHERYL CROW. Pretty much anything by her. I love her lyrics. She's the bad ass, IDGAF chick who I want to be when I grow up. I think I'm embarrassed that I like her because fellow Dud, Nicole, hates her. And Nicole is like the coolest person in the world (fo realz). But whatever, Nicole. There's nothing more liberating that singing "If It Makes You Happy" at the top of your lungs while stopped at a red light and having the person in the car next to you give you a weird look. I WOULD KNOW BECAUSE THAT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY, Y'ALL.

Party Hard - Andrew W.K.

I really don't know how the hell I discovered this song. Maybe one of the boys had the album. I know it was on one of Nic's football video games. Yeah. I had a sweet KaZaA download of this song back in 2002. Seriously, though. This song is my cardio jam. It makes me run faster on the treadmill. I KNOW. IT'S WEIRD. The music video is creepy, though. And, like, Andrew is so nasty looking. And, like, the close-up of the drummer singing makes me uncomfortable.

The World Should Revolve Around Me - Little Jackie

Y'all, come on. It's catchy. "NOTHIN' GONNA COME BETWEEN ME AND MY AFRO."

Friends in Low Places - Garth Brooks

This song is freaking great. I'm only embarrassed to say I like it because I'm Rachel Bottlinger. And Rachel Bottlinger does not listen to country music. I'll tell ya, though. This is my karaoke song. And I often line dance while singing it. I had everyone at The Silver Bullet, Lubbock's janky, carpeted bar, dancing with me one night. I found this great video some guy named Vern made with this song.

Fancy Pants - Al Hirt

I used listen to this all the time when I was walking to class. It makes me want to prance, snap my fingers, and smile with my mouth open. Wut? Yes.

Balloons' Tails - Sam Moore

Who am I kidding? I'm not embarrassed to like this song. A heart-wrenching ballad about letting go of a loved one, this song truly brings tears to my eyes. It won an award at the Tarleton State University film festival. Can't wait to see what ol' Samuel Moore will do next.



  1. "Days with you laughing at squirrels dancing in trees."

    Those are the days I'll always remember.

  2. That was enlightenment. For serious.

  3. That was some good musical enlightenment. For serious.