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A Character Analysis of "Friends" by Friends

You are in for a treat today readers. Not only is this post giving you insight (and hilarious GIFs) about each character from the classic tv show Friends, but it is also co-written by a friend of mine, Abbey from the blog Born & Raised! At the end of this post you'll notice a special section with Abbey's favorite Friend's guest character. Make sure to check out Born&Raised to find out who mine is.


Jessica: I feel like I can relate to Monica in numerous ways. The biggest similarity I can name is our shared competitiveness for winning at life (but mostly whilst playing games). Just as Monica has hurled a plate or two during Pictionary, so have I been known to betray a friend or two during Monopoly.

Abbey: I must admit, I felt extreme jealousy of Monica during her relationship with Richard, but in time I have forgiven her. Monica reminds me a lot of my mother, always insisting that nothing was really clean, even if I had spent hours on it. I love how she always has to be the host, trying to make everyone feel at home, and always cooking for everyone else. Even if she does go a little overboard and make hundreds of jars of jam (because that’s the only way to get over Richard, of course).

J: Monica was kind of the mother of the group. The other night I was watching “The One With The Two Parties” where Rachel’s birthday was split in two. Chandler and Joey’s party was all about relaxing and fun, whereas Monica’s party was all about organized activities for everyone to “enjoy.” Like those arts and crafts activities you would do at your cousin’s 7th birthday party where you got to take home a bottle of colorful sand or a picture frame made out of macaroni. Total mom move.


A: Throughout the Friends decade, Rachel Karen Green became “the girl next door,” inspiring haircuts and great style (we forgive her for wearing overalls circa late 1990s). I completely agree with anyone who says that Jennifer Aniston is the most beautiful woman in the world, because she totes is. Rachel starts off a spoiled girl thriving off of daddy’s money, and although she never completely gets over being spoiled, she becomes a true city dweller, making it on her own. She takes us through the roller coaster of Ross and Rachel, and we completely sided with her on the whole “break” situation.

J: Team Rachel all the way on the “break” situation. You gotta give props to Rachel. She left her family money, made a successful career out of nothing, and had a kid on her own. She worked really hard to get to where she was and I think what I liked most about her is that she never let anyone else define her. Not her parents, not her boyfriends, not anyone. She was always herself and did exactly what she wanted whether it was leaving a doomed suburban life with Barry or wearing a huge floppy hat even though everyone else made fun of it.


J: Definitely my favorite character of the show, Phoebe Buffay (aka Princess Consuela Banana Hammock), was the exact dose of crazy that Friend’s needed to make the show hilarious. But, Phoebe had a lot of depth to her too. She had a dark past that she evidently overcame, she had relationship issues, but she usually had an upbeat look on everything.
A: I have always felt that Phoebe Buffay and I were kindred spirits. I always loved that she was her own person, and never cared what others thought about her. She was proof that a rough childhood didn’t mean a rough adulthood. But I think what I loved most about Phoebe that she was just a kid at heart. Like when she made her own doll house because Monica wouldn’t let Phoebe play with hers. Or when she and Chandler play hide-and-seek. OR when she bounces a mile on a hippity hop. You get the point.

J: Phoebe is just one of those characters that you just love. Everything she does makes you want to be best friends with her. Who wouldn't want a friend that comes up with songs like “Smelly Cat” or “My Sticky Shoe”? Also, she has the greatest pseudonym known to man.


J: Ahh our favorite Italian-American/actor/ladies man/food connoisseur (and by connoisseur, I mean one who eats food for the majority of the time he is awake). Joey is the only character on Friend’s who really does not develop over the course of the 10 season run. That first sentence I wrote about him describes his persona throughout the entire series Except for the time when he was “in love” with Rachel, but Abbey and I like to pretend like that storyline was just a bad dream (please note my correct usage of air quotes; I know how to use them from Joey using them incorrectly).

A: If I were to make a totally unrealistic bucket list, one of the items would be to have Joey ask me, “How you doin’?” his trademark phrase throughout the series. One of the things I like best about Joey is whenever he lets his sensitive side show. Like when he got scared reading The Shining and had to put it in the freezer. Or when he’s moving to a new place but he suddenly bursts back into the old apartment just to hug Chandler once more. But he always had us reeling with his hilarious sexual exploits, which is definitely the legacy he has left behind.


A: Chandler Bing is awesome for many reasons. He is hilarious in his awkward pursuits of women, which is something Jessica and I can both relate to (except with men). He is extremely snarky when it comes to his home life (to be fair, being raised by a tranny and an overly promiscuous cougar couldn’t have been easy).

J: Seeing as Abbey and I are also extremely snarky and have other snarky friends, it’s no surprise that we find him to be such a delight. Another enjoyable thing about Chandler is his supreme dancing skills. Chandler and I have exactly the same amount of grace (that amount is zero for those of you who have never seen me walk into a door or hit my head on the fire extinguishers hanging on walls).


A: I love Ross. He is definitely my favorite. I mean how could you not love a guy who hits on a woman by asking, “so would you rather drown, or be burned alive?” all while his voice is cracking. I love how throughout the entire series he always does everything for Rachel even when they aren’t together. He is such a nerd in the awesomest way; always talking about dinosaurs, pretending to have unagi, and his affinity for puzzles and Star Wars.

J: Ross is pretty passionate about a lot of things through the course of Friends. Dinosaurs and Rachel are an obvious two. But he can be pretty intense about some random things. Like a leftover sandwich, wanting every single person in his apartment complex to like him, and hoarding every removable object from hotel rooms. His quirks like these make him a dynamite character to watch. And by dynamite, I mean that it’s likely he’ll explode at any moment.

Now for the promised bonus character, Abbey's favorite guest character is...


Season two: enter Dr. Richard Burke aka the definition of tall dark and handsome, aka Tom Selleck. He was so smooth and witty, and I was way too excited when he and Monica got together. I mean, he was such a dude, a real man’s man, cruisin’ in his Jag, taking the boys to his floor seats at the Knicks game, smoking his cigar, drinking his whiskey. I just want him to wrap me up in his mustache and take me away. Is it bad that I was a teeny bit depressed when Monica ended up with Chandler over Richard?

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  1. Totally loved your analysis. I have a different favourite for every season. Most seasons its Chandler!

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