Monday, July 22, 2013

Chicago So Far

I’ve been the worst Dud ever, you guys. Not as bad as Maxfield, but still. 
(Love you, Megan)

 I have been CRAZY busy. Like, CRAZY.

You know how in college there was usually like one or two classes that you had a lot of work in and the rest were blowoffs? Yeah, that’s not what it’s like in portfolio school.

Seriously, my last two years of college:

My second week of portfolio school, after realizing I have to draw 20 more ads, correct 5 from last week’s 20, mold 16 Times New Roman and Helvetica letters out of clay, come up with 20 marketing ideas for Jersey Mikes, come up with 20 marketing ideas for Barnes & Noble, and draw 15 movie posters for Toy Story:

I want to be a bad ass and impress my instructors. Especially since they all work for ridiculously amazing ad agencies and design firms. I’m all:

Then I get to class and try to explain THE AWESOME IDEA I CAME UP WITH to impress said instructors and I’m all:

But that’s why I’m here, right?

And then there’s the whole Texan-living-in-Chicago-thing. You know, getting groceries delivered, trying to figure out public transportation, not knowing where the hell I am, almost getting killed by taxis running red lights:

  And when I was charged $5.50 for a Miller Lite:

  And when 348 people have told me it’s weird that I say “y’all” so much:

Okay, short post. I had class from 10am-5pm, and I have class from 6-9. So, uh, bye.

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