Friday, August 23, 2013

Kliff Kingsbury Tells All.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to get into your car on a Friday morning to head to work and find an email from Kliff Kingsbury in your inbox, it's a lot like this.

Thanks to the powers of social media, our top notch investigative journalism found its way into Coach K's hands and he promptly responded. Because he's THAT COOL.

Coach, we salute you. Thank you for the heart attack this morning. You now know my email so, you know, if you ever want pop in to say hello, I wouldn't complain.

Thanks again for making our entire day. Without further ado, here's Kliff:

Duds, here you go:

If this football season had a theme song, what would it be and why?
No song yet. I need about 3 games to figure it out.

It’s 2001. It’s Game Day. You’re getting pumped up to play OU. What’s on your Walkman at this very moment?
Incubus- Drive. And it was a Discman.

Rudy or Remember the Titans?
Remember The Titans

How long have you had to wait for a bartender at The Roof?
Have not been, have heard it is pretty frattastic.

Better question: Have you ever had to wait for a bartender at The Roof?
Same as above.

What’s your preferred breakfast taco combo?
Ham & Egg

Sock-sock-shoe-shoe? Or sock-shoe-sock-shoe?

Favorite classic Disney movie?
Lion King

Do you think Meryl Streep could play you in your biopic?
She'd kill it. 

The Avengers or Justice League?

What was your old school AIM screen name?
Was never an AIM user.

If a kitten and a puppy were both in distress and you could only save one, which would you save?

Which Goonie do you most identify with?

Which Golden Girl do you most identify with?

What’s Wes Welker doing at this very second?
Counting all his money.

Old park or New park at Schlitterbahn?
Old park. Without loyalty we have nothing.

Which player is most likely to have the Les Miserables soundtrack on their iPod?
Jace Amaro

Exactly how many pairs of Oakleys do you own?

Exactly how many pullovers do you own?

Out of all the players on the team, whom is most likely to binge watch a marathon of Chopped?
Trey Keenan

Tony Stark or Robb Stark?
Tony Stark. Isn’t Robb Stark dead?

When it comes to Oreos, dunk or twist-and-lick?
I don’t eat chocolate.

Karaoke song of choice?
Shai-If I Ever Fall in Love

Could you take a picture making your best Duds face?
Would that be a sarcastic grin?

Do you get winded walking up the stairs in the English building?
I do not recall struggling with those stairs.

Keep up the good work! Wreck ‘em!

Coach K

No, Coach. YOU keep up the good work.
You heard it here, friends. 
This. Just. Happened. 

Dud out,


  1. OMG you girls!!! This is too priceless! Loved it!

  2. amazing? really?

  3. I'm so bummed that my son graduated this past May. lol Would have loved for him to have had the "Kliff Kingsbury" experience while still a student! Guns Up ALWAYS!!

  4. Sometimes I get super excited and I read this again and again. And then I remembered why Coach wouldn't have struggled with the stairs: the English/Philosophy building (as it now exists) was not around in his time!

    Seriously awesome though, ladies.