Friday, August 2, 2013

Reasons to Go Greek #239483923

As we enter August, I know there are a number of y’all out there who will have friends or siblings or cousins preparing to head off to college and go through Greek recruitment. Like so many, they may be nervous or still unsure about going Greek. Over the course of just today, I have experienced (yet again) one of the many reasons why being a member of the Greek community  is so rewarding. I encourage you to share this with those who may need some extra reassurance.

The reasons to go Greek are not exclusively the positive support you will experience during your college years. The real reasons to go Greek are how it will affect your life after college. Especially directly after when you are, for example, in a new apartment in a city other than your hometown and you find yourself suddenly with zero furniture not even a set of silverware.

Y’all, I sent out a friendly message on our Tech Kappa Alpha Theta Facebook page (God bless dat social media, kidz) inquiring about people selling living room furniture and kitchen essentials in the Dallas area this morning. It’s 3:30 and I not only have a couch available to me, I have couch OPTIONS available to me and kitchen essentials out the wazoo. All for little cost or free, I might add.

And it’s not just my own pledge sisters or girls I knew during school.

It’s my mom’s sorority sisters. It's my mom's sorority sister's NEIGHBOR. It’s a Tech Theta alum from 1995 whom I have never met or spoken to in my entire life welcoming me to her home in Dallas to pick up things I may need. I’ve been overwhelmed.

This is why I’m an advocate for going Greek. The moment you step into that house or lodge, you are officially linked to a network that will be there to help you—from employment to steak knives—at the very second you ask. Although I speak only for sorority women, I can more than guarantee the same goes for our fellow fraternity brothers.

I know this all sounds a little trivial, I mean, it’s just sofas and silverware. But the genuine kindness in a matter of hours has only confirmed how grateful I am I made the choice to go through recruitment five years ago. It’s the type of kindness that makes me publicly promise, right here and now, to pay it forward one day. In a couple decades, when my sisters have kids starting out on their own, I will be there with a free couch and coffee maker, offering anything they may need because that same generosity had been extended to me years before.

That’s why I encourage being Greek if you can. At the end of the day, reputations and stereotypes will always be conquered by true kindness, community, and compassion.

Have fun in recruitment, kids! You’re in for an amazing ride! Be yourself, don't drink trashcan punch, and remember: Being Greek is great but it doesn't make you greater than anybody else. Don't be that guy. 



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