Monday, August 5, 2013

Shark Week is Stupid

Hey, it's Shark Week. Those of you who are cool and have a life and waste hours on occasionally check social media sites have known this since Sunday.

I wrote a blog a few years ago about how I think this week is lame ballz. I still feel the same about it.

I refuse to watch Shark Week. I would rather re-watch that season of Dancing with the Stars when Donny Osmond won. Wait, no I wouldn't. But still, a whole week dedicated to these ugly SOBs?


It would be so much better if it were Kangaroo Week. Or Fainting Goat Week.

They are both such kind animals. Think about it.


See, if that were a shark, that lady wouldn't be smiling because she would have no face.
*Note: Kangaroos will fight you, but you won't see Richard Dreyfuss and that one guy hunt one down for punching a chick.


See, if that were a shark, the little boy would have no head. Or neck. Where would he tie that scarf? Not around his arms or legs because he wouldn't have those either.

Until Discovery Channel makes it happen, I'll be having my own Kangaroo/Fainting Goat Week, watching YouTube videos of boxing kangaroos and rednecks chasing fainting goats around their yard.


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