Thursday, August 15, 2013

What Moving Apartments is Like (Told in GIFs)

I am on day 1 of 4 (yay full time job) of moving across Lubbock into a new apartment. This being the 4th time in 4 years that I have moved, I feel like I can accurately describe what it's like.

First off, stairs are the devil.

And they make you want to die.

Then you have all these boxes that you don't want to unpack.

Then you start hanging stuff up, and nothing ever ends up level on the first try.

Liz: "You built that bookshelf incorrectly!"
Carol: "I did not! I wanted the books to slide off!"

*Note: GIF Soup does NOT let you add text without paying, hence the quotes*

Did I mention how your stuff seems to multiply so and when you unpack everything your new place looks like it should be on an episode of hoarders?

Wish me luck y'all


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