Thursday, September 12, 2013

10 signs that fall is approaching

Autumn is falling upon us (puns). How do I know? There are some obvious signs.

1. Scarves begin appearing on more people than just hipsters.

2. Whole pumpkins magically fit into all of your favorite food and beverages.

3. Cardigans become your best friend because layering is a necessity to survive the frigid mornings and sweltering afternoons.

4. Getting into your car after work doesn't feel like dying a thousand deaths by being set on fire.

5. Football. For obvious reasons (Cough cough, Kliff, cough).

6. Most importantly, tv shows start airing and I finally start using the cable I signed up for a month ago instead of just watching Netflix on an endless loop.

7. Christmas decorations set up shop in stores. Nothing screams Christmas like ceramic Santas sitting next to Halloween costumes.

8. The people of Pinterest begin searching for fun crafts to do with dead leaves.

9. People decide that it's ok to use tights as pants. It's not.

10. The glorious day of fall daylight savings time gets closer and closer. Not to be confused with the demonic spring daylight savings time when you lose an hour of sleep.

Boom, knowledge. 

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  1. Thanks for the hoot!

    -The People of Pinterest

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