Thursday, September 5, 2013

Leave Batman Alone!

Ok so the Interwebs are going batshiz crazy (pun intended) over Ben Affleck being the new Batman. Have you guys seen Ben Affleck? Have you watched a movie that he's been in that's not Daredevil or Gigli? You all just need to take a chill pill and pay attention.

First argument, the look. Ben Affleck has a strong appearance. Square jaw, dark hair, and he's actually tall (6'4") and he won't have to have movie magic applied to make him look any bigger. For those of you making the argument that Joseph Gordon Levitt should be Batman, I have one word for you. Petite. Any time I imagine JGL (who I love don't get me wrong) as Batman, I see a kid wearing his dad's suit and it completely swallowing him.

Nanananana BATMAN

Secondly, movies are more than just one casting decision. There are so many other factors than just one character that will decide if this movie is good or bad. Directing, writing, use of CGI, how close in date it premieres to The Avengers sequel, etc.

Thirdly and lastly, IT'S A BATMAN MOVIE FOR GOSH DARN'S SAKE. Even if it's horrible, I'll still love it. Dramatic or campy, full of dark twists or full of puns, it's still a character that's been around for several decades. One interpretation of a complex character such as Bruce Wayne will not ruin it for everyone.

I have heard so many arguments (in length thanks to my friends) on both sides. In my opinion, everyone just needs to wait and see. It could be horrible. It could be terrific. Or it could be that movie that only stays in theaters for two weeks then is at your corner redbox the next (Olympus Has Fallen, I'm talking about you).

I must go, for I am the writer you deserve. Not the writer you need right now.

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