Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Maxfield in The City

So I went to the Big Apple for a long weekend to discover what city life was all about (in a Yankee state that is) and discovered that selfies in front of the cities attractions are the most epic thing ever!

Picture this (literally) Momma Maxfield, Grandma Dee and me, touring the big apple on top of the double decker buses. Just us three old ladies laughing and enjoying all the sights, the hobos, the smells, the constant noise of honking cars, and all the miles of graffiti swallowing every building. It was a shoppers dream, a food lovers pantry and a germaphobes nightmare. It was awesome. 

While I was there I decided to educate my middle aged mother (who doesn't look a day over 40) and my sweet as Apple pie Grandma Dee about our generations fad. Selfies. 

And so begins my Selfies in The City:

The beginning of the hop on hop off bus!

It was cold.

I have an obsession of pigeons.

The joys of the random Jamaican musicians.

Freedom tower and the Jamacian. 

Mamma Maxfield

I'm on a Ferry.

Lady Libs and me. Just posin for the tourists. 

The golden girls and me. 

Just a little pinch.

Her first attempt.

I am deathly afraid of heights and so this was extremely painful/ life changing moment for me and then Mamma Maxfield pulled a Miley Cyrus. Damnit.

A real New Yorker and me. Also a fellow Theta sister. MeAgan and Megan.

A cupcake from Chinatown. 

On top of the Empire State Building. Another forced smile. 

Last but not least, the best attempt at their own selfie in the city. 

Maxfield out. 

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  1. Maxfield made a post, is the world coming to an end?