Friday, December 6, 2013

One season shows to cure the winter blues

Fall TV finales are upon us, so it's time to snuggle up to that Netflix account and await of your fave shows to return in January. This is about the time where I start up a new 5-6 season tv show to marathon through winter break while I lay in bed all day/stay up until 4am, but I am an adult now. I have a full time job and can only Netflix on the weekends and from the hours of 6-10 on weekdays. So during this annual hated hiatus (which I'm sure many of you are also suffering through) I will be watching shows that were cut off too soon and some that are just starting off. Here are some great one season suggestions for you to leisurely watch through.

Best Friends Forever (just one free trial of Hulu-Plus away)

Actually only half a season at 6 episodes, so you can breeze through this one. Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham are reunited after a messy break-up to live together once again in this comedy that accurately describes real friends. The true kind of friendship where *SPOIlER* one friend runs to a firehouse full of hawt fireman in her laundry-day clothes because her friend is stuck in a fire escape.

Firefly (Netflix yo)

An oldy but a goody. Nathan Fillon battles space cops and the line of morality in this 14-episode plus a movie cult classic. People get turned off on the science fiction part, but to them I say, "PSH." It's more about the drama and occasional comedic relief than them being on a spaceship. And it's created by Joss Whedon. SO OF COURSE ITS GOOD. 

Sherlock (also Netflix)

Technically 3 seasons, but it's Brittish tv and they do what they want like make 3 episode seasons. I'm sorry, they call seasons "series." The ultimate bromance that is Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman team up and solve murders in this adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes universe. If that's not enough, just go sit in a room and listen to Benedict Cumberbatch speak for a minute. Wait, what is this? I provided a video example for you? I'm so kind.

Downton Abbey (Uhhh DVD I guess)

Same thing, 3 seasons but what did I just tell you? Brits. About 21 episodes in all and season 4 is starting in January so hop to it people. Surely you've heard about it but if you haven't, DONT GOOGLE ANYTHING ABOUT IT. There will be spoilers, and you will be sad. Quick summary: Social inequality in the early 1900's with British accents. And Maggie Smith.

House of Cards (Netflix and Netflix only)

They just announced the start date for season two (February 1, 2014 what what). This show has been all the buzz around the internet since this past February, so if you haven't watched it yet you're behind but we still love you. It has everything a political drama should have. Kevin Spacey with a southern accent, Princess Buttercup with a pixie cut, politicians acting like our worst nightmares, and barbecue food! The West Wing never offered drama like this.

Stay warm out there folks,

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