Monday, April 22, 2013

Top Knots Are Really Donut Shop Hair

I don't like to admit it, but I have a Pinterest account. While I barely pin anything, I always browse through the design pins, and occasionally the hair and beauty pins, where I ALWAYS stumble across something like this:

or this:

You serious, Clark? Messy hair on top on one's head is now considered chic and high fashion?

Excuse me, EXCUSE ME. Me and Whitley D. Quigg were wearing hair on top of our heads in 2005. Top knot my ass, we called it Donut Shop Hair.

 If you visited The Donut Shop in Hamilton, TX USA on ANY Saturday morning from late 2005-to August 2008, you would've seen one of us with hair piled on top of our head. It was the easiest hairstyle to throw together at 6:30 am on a Saturday morning, especially when there was a football game the night before. Being the school mascot/in the marching band can be tough on one's hair, ya know.

We always wore Donut Shop Hair. People would jokingly make fun of us for it.

Seriously, people? You need a freakin' step-by-step guide on how to achieve this look? All you do is wad your hair on top of your head an put a ponytail holder around it. IT'S THAT SIMPLE.

So, next time you think about rockin' the super fashionable top knot, think about 16-year-old Rachel Bottlinger and Whitley Quigg cruising around in a 1976 Volkswagen Beetle, listening to Queen. Sooooo 2006.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

NSAC Final Thoughts

Last week, I finished a two-year journey with the Texas Tech Ad Team and the National Student Advertising Competition. For those of you who don't know, the NSAC is literally what it says. A national, student, advertising competition. Every school in the country is given the same client and asked to make an advertising campaign for it. I joined the team my junior year at Tech when the client was Nissan, and made the team again to advertise for Glidden.

The Ad Team at Texas Tech is a very special thing for me. It's hard to explain how much I have gained from my experiences and how much of my life I've devoted to this team for the past two years, but I'll try.

From the Nissan team, I gained so many wonderful friendships, like The Duds, and also with people who after a year of not seeing each other, we can all get together and have the best time. The year I worked on Nissan I was the Media Director, which was really the first time I was put into a position of power. The amount of confidence in my own abilities I gained from that year are astounding. Before Ad Team I had an idea of possibly what area of advertising I wanted to go in, but actually being on Ad Team reassured that idea.

My second round of Ad Team was so many things. Exciting, stressful, time-consuming, fun, brain-racking and every other emotion possible over the span of 8 months. This time I was the Account Executive, which means I was the leader of everyone on the team. Which meant I had to direct 17 other people to make a hopefully award winning campaign for Glidden. I was a nervous wreck. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to lead everyone successfully, and what if I failed them? I just wasn't sure of myself. Also, I didn't know more than half of the people on the team, and if you know anything about me it's that I'm very awkward around people I don't know. But, that didn't last too terribly long.

This team was filled with intelligent people who had brilliant ideas. Which was fantastic and frustrating throughout the year because we were always coming up with new ideas, but we would have a hard time settling on what we wanted. But, in hindsight, that wasn't a bad problem to have at all.

Once everything was put into our 20-page plans book, we headed off to Tulsa to show everyone what we came up with. We were one of the last teams to present, so we were able to see most of the other teams present. There were some that scared us, but overall we were still confident in our approach and were excited to let everyone see our ideas. Our presentation went flawlessly. Only two hiccups on lines that our speakers easily overcame, the slideshow went over perfectly, and the reaction from the crowd was phenomenal. Then, after a grueling question and answer session with the judges, we waited until they announced the results. Those few hours were the longest few hours I've ever experienced. Waiting and waiting for them to announce the top three teams was the worst. And it turned out that we won nothing. Not a single thing. No special judges award, not first or second place, not even third. It was heart-breaking.

I spent eight months putting everything I could into this campaign and at the time it seemed like I ended up empty-handed. The Texas Tech Ad Team is always a force to be reckoned with at NSAC. The team has at least placed the last 4-5 years. Being the one in charge, I felt like I had failed my advisers and Texas Tech, but most importantly my team.

The next 24 hours after we lost put some things into perspective though. We had so many of our peers come up to us and tell us how great we did, and how much they liked our campaign. That really meant a lot to us, because the people telling us this went through the same eight months of hardships we went through and knew exactly what we had dealt with. We had people come up to our advisor, people talk to us in the elevator, and even the winning team told us good job as the passed us on the interstate when we were heading back to Lubbock. What really made these remarks special was that they had no reason to tell us that we had done well besides the fact that they genuinely wanted to.

My team is great though. They all stood by every decision that was made throughout the year after we lost. They are all completely satisfied with the final campaign and didn't think that any part of it should have been changed. The fact that everyone was upset/enraged about us not placing showed that they had pride in what they worked on.

But, now that it's all over, life goes on. I'll be starting my actual job in a few weeks, while other people on the team are graduating with me, getting awesome internships in far off places, going to portfolio school, or a combination of those.

I honestly can't wait to see how much being on Ad Team helps me out in the future. Because I really think that I still will be learning from this experience many years down the road.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why I'm Becoming a Shut-in

I don't know what's been going on for the past week, but every door-to-door salesman in America has been by my house. IT'S BEEN FUN. I sometimes hide under my couch until they leave but other times, I am not such a quick thinker. 

This past Sunday was a slow-thinking day when I answered my door to find Ivan, aka Antoine Dodson. He was selling a cleaning spray and immediately asked me if he could "do a commercial" for my husband. Something else you should know about me is, when people say stuff that doesn't make sense, I get exponentially more awkward. So I reply, "oh, he, uh...doesn't like commercials." Wut? Anyway, Ivan left. I thought I was out of the woods. Then, Monday night "we" decided to do some yard work. So I'm behind a bush pretending to pull weeds or whatever and then it plays out like this:

Ivan: Yo, is y'all the king and queen of the castle?

--and damnit, my inner diva is like:

Tell: That's us! 

--at this point, I look up from my really important yard job to see Ivan in the same pants-below-butt outfit as the day before. I would judge him on that but, lesbihonest, I repeat outfits on the reg. 

Ivan: Who do the cleanin?

Tell: *points at me* She does.

--then, Ivan looks at me, but doesn't recognize me from the day before so I'm all:

What you should know about Tell is that he's nice. SO nice. Which means, we're never rude to people who want to take up 20 minutes of our time talking about what a shitty job I'm doing at the cleaning. Ivan immediately launches into his "commercial" that included that following phrases:

Ivan: You see how dirty y'all chrome over here is? Check this out.

See dis oxidation on yo truck? Boom. Just like that.

This even keep AAAPHIDS and Japanese Water Beetles off ya plants.

I see you got a dog. You'll like this: non-toxic. *unscrews cap. licks inside of bottle.*

See her tenna-shoes? I take this to 'em, it'd look like she walked out the Foot Locker!

--to which I'm like:

Ivan didn't let me deter him. He kept walking around, pointing out dirt and stains outside and cleaning little spots of them. If I were smarter, I'd have had him clean the bird crap off my ugly cactus house numbers (thx, previous owner). Ivan proceeds to try to push the value pack:

Ivan: It's only $99 and you won't gotta buy any cleaning supplies for 3 years.

Tell: *looks at me*

--and I'm over there like:

Did I mention how nice Tell is? He really wanted to throw this guy a bone:

Tell: Does it work on wood floors?

--dude knows I HATE sweeping the wood floors. Because I sweep and I sweep and I sweep and the next day there's dust on dust on dust. It never stops. I'll die sweeping this floor.

Ivan: Oh you got hardwood? Man, this stuff keep it real nice for days!

--as much as I wish that hadn't have sold me, I looked at Tell like:

FORTY THREE DOLL HAIRS LATER we are the proud owners of some cleaning spray that doesn't seem to do jack for the wood floors. I would love to give y'all a moral of the story, but there really isn't one except maybe just don't buy cleaning spray from crazy strangers.

Good luck out there,

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Burning House

As a kid, I was super, crazy paranoid that something would happen to my house. Tornadoes scared the absolute shit out of me (I watched The Wizard of Oz like every day when I was little), and I worried about the house catching on fire.

My little brother, Nic, always had nightmares about clowns driving firetrucks and evil Mickey Mouses. I, however, always had dreams about tornadoes and fires destroying my house. I mean, hell, my room was on the second story. 7-year-old Rachel knew she'd be screwed. I remember one night putting all of my stuffed animals in my daybed with me because the thought of losing them made me sad. Such a glass half full kind of kid, right?

Anyways, about a year ago I discovered The Burning House, a blog where different people share what they would save if their house were on fire. It really makes you think.

Falsa blanket from New Mexico - A special someone purchased it for me. The picture doesn't do it justice; it has tiny, colorful specs sewn throughout. Kewl.

1960s shift dress - My first vintage find, this dress will always and forever have a place in my closet.

Louis Vuitton purse - Worth lots o' doll hairs. Wouldn't want to lose this beaut.

Memory box - Full of photos, postcards, and letters, it has tons of sentimental value.

Pantone book - After officially being accepted to Chicago Portfolio School, I need it. Nerd alert.

MacBook Pro + Marc Jacobs case - My life is on this computer and the case was a gift from a bad ass guy named Chad Andrews.

Ray Ban aviators - I feel naked without them. They're my trademark, yo.

daily jewelry - Michael Kors watch, two rings, three bracelets. Gotta have 'em.

Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers" on vinyl -This was my very first record, given to me by my Uncle Kevin. It's original, zipper and bulge and everything. I got my first record player shortly after.

Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" on vinyl - This was my mom's. She saved up her Dairy Queen paycheck and bought it when it first came out. It's a little worn, but it still plays.

favorite t-shirt - Seriously. Greatest shirt ever. EVER.

Chuck Taylors - I live in these bad boys.

Eleanor R. Bottlinger (not pictured above due to sketchiness) - She's my baybay.

So, yeah, that's that. Let's get real, though, I would be a panicky mess if my house were on fire. Like, crying and hyperventilating and then later dying from smoke inhalation from trying to catch my sketch ballz cat.

I asked The Duds what they would save.

Nicole would save her dog, Molly

 Jessica would save her precious duck drawing.
Quack, I guess.

Caroline would save her Canadian passport
I mean, with a picture like that...

Megan would "definitely save" her Rosie O'Donnell Barbie.



Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Meaning Of Friendship

Friendships are made to challenge you, help you, strengthen you and guide you. I've always dreamed that I would have friends like in the movie Now and Then. Even though they grow to have different lives they all come back together and it's like nothing has changed.

I expected all of my friendships to be like that. My summer creek gang and I when growing up, would all grow up and come back together as if nothing had changed except our martial status and maybe puberty, for some of us. But that's not how life works.

Once college hit, I craved for something new and exciting, fresh friends and a new scenery. It welcomed me but not with the open arms I was expecting. There were challenges that brewed between old and new. College changed me. I grew accustomed to apologizing without meaning it, saying that "we needed to catch up" and never did, committing to hanging out but flaking out, and hurting people who really cared about me. It's something I will always regret.

Now comes the real world, which I strived for it to be like the show Friends. Always comparing myself as a cross between Rachel and Joey, but who hasn't compared there lives to the characters on Friends. In the working world , I go to happy hours with coworkers and meet up with college friends on random weekends and make time for everyone. In real life, it's never like that.

One of my best friends said to me, even though we grow apart and it's hard, it's just a lesson to learn how to deal with different things, there will probably never be another time in our life when we are exactly in the same stage but we learn how to remain friends.

So here is the point to this post, I'm sorry to those I have hurt in the past, I'm sorry to those I hurt in the future. I'm not perfect but I want to work on growing our friendship in a positive light.

Sorry for getting so deep y'all, but life lessons can hurt like a bee-sting.

-Yours truly,


Friday, April 12, 2013

Breaking Bad: Reasons I Can't Stand Skyler White

what I scream every time Skyler talks
Tell and I are officially caught completely up with Breaking Bad! We finished Episode 8 of Season 5 last night, so I'm not behind everyone like a big loser anymore. If you haven't started Breaking Bad yet, DO IT, YO. Also, spoiler alert.

Skyler White is probably one of my most hated fictional characters of all time. Think of all the fictional characters you hate, then reread my previous statement. Yeah, she sucks. Fellow Dud, Jessica, does not agree with me so I will explain to you why I can't stand Skyler White and you all can harass Jess about it until she changes her mind. Thx.

#1  She spells it SKYLER.
Am I crazy, or isn't it supposed to be SKYLAR? In general, I'm not a fan of spelling names different just to be different. #coalitiontogetpeopletostopdoingthatshit 

#2  Crying
No one feels sorry for you and all your money. YOU HAVE A STORAGE SHED FULL OF MONEY. Stop crying. Furthermore, stop crying about how bad Walt treats you. "OMG my husband is so scaryyyy." OMG, YOU CHEATED ON HIS CANCER-RIDDEN SELF. Which brings me to my next point:

#3  She's a skank
Here, Sky-dulterer locks lips IN THE COPY ROOM, WITH HER BOSS. Also, I would like to call attention to the incredible awkwardness of this kiss. It looks like he fell asleep and landed on her face.

#4  This face

#5  This face

#6  This face

#7  The general melodrama of her every action
You hate your husband. WE GET IT. You obviously don't hate him enough to get a real buzz going, though, because that white wine will leave you stone-cold sober, amirite?

#8  Her home decor
If I had a storage shed full of money right now, the first thing I would do is finish decorating my house. Get it together, Skyler, and update that monstrosity. I mean, lattice room dividers? Really?

Checkmate. She's the worst. 


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

GUEST VLOG: Things Some Girls Do That Annoy Me

Decided to try my hand at vlogging on a boring day.

This is meant to be funny and totally harmless! Many people I adore do all these things and it's nothing I wouldn't say to their face. But my last message still remains true, let's please stop the impression that girls are not loyal and are in a constant state of hatred and revenge-seeking pettiness. It's one thing to innocently comment on occasional behavior, but we have to stick together as a whole.

P.S. ISN'T THE VIDEO PREVIEW PICTURE BYOOTIFUL?!? Also, I did not intend for this to be so food oriented...but I had just made my self literally the most perfect PB&J, 40 percent peanut butter, 60 percent jelly; heaven. 


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Game of Thrones Experience as told in GIFs.

Last week, I finally jumped on the Game of Thrones bandwagon.

Following the premiere of its third season and having to hear literally everyone and their dog talking about it, I started feeling mighty left out. As a girl with a reoccurring nerd problem of getting severely and painfully obsessed with things, especially if said things comes packaged with it's own mythology (I'm looking at you, Hunger Games), I knew I was about to ruin my life. And I did.

I watched seven HOURS of Season One in a day. Honestly, the only reason I didn't finish the full first season in one sitting was because it was a) 2:00 in the morning and b) I  desperately needed a break to recover. I am a twin, after all. (Let's leave it at that).

Although I am only 2 episodes deep into Season 2 (DO NOT SPOIL ME), I'm taking advantage of the Duds to share a play-by-play commentary on this nasty, gory, complicated, awesome, addicting show in .GIFs.


First time I heard the theme song and watching the opening credits sequence:

Very first scene with those blue-eyed people and the body parts:

Whenever Peter Dinklage is on screen:

First spotting of Robb Stark:

When all the Lannisters are on screen together. 

Being a twin watching twincest: 

Arya doing anything: 

Sansa doing anything:

Viserys checking out his sister's boobs:

First time I saw Khal Drogo:

Last time I saw Khal Drogo:

When Catelyn's sister is breastfeeding her kid: 

When Dany eats the horse heart:

When Viserys dies:

Whenever the story goes to the Wall:

When that knight gets a shard of wood in his throat while jousting and the camera stays on him:

 When Drogo rips that one guy open:

My general reaction to basically everything on Game of Thrones:

When we learn Joffrey is a child of twincest:

Joffery in general:

When Ned gets speared in the leg and you think he's dead:

When he's alive at the beginning of the next episode:

When Ned confesses himself as a traitor:

 When Ned gets his head chopped off:

Finishing Season 1:

Game of Thrones, y'all. Check it.

House of Lefebvre