Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014: Year of Adulthood

Even though it's almost February and it's not really the New Year anymore, I'm still going to write a 2014 post (don't judge me). I've been thinking about all the milestones I achieved in 2013. I graduated college, got my first actual job, moved to a new city, finally bought a coffee table, and I grew (as a person, not in height, thank god). It makes me excited for everything I have in front of me to accomplish in 2014.

There are many different things I have coming up this year. Some things I'll have to work for, some things that will just happen, and some things the federal government is forcing me to do. Let's go through a timeline of what I will be facing in 2014.

March/April: Filing my taxes for the first time
Ahhh the IRS. We start our lifelong friendship this year. And by that, I mean the kind of friendship where we see each other once a year and we haggle about money. It will be a love/hate relationship I assume. I am mostly excited about my first real tax return. Before this past year, I had only worked summers at my parent's snow cone stand and could only file to get back like $50. I've thought a lot about this and, in true adult fashion, I will be spending some of it on a dining room table and putting some in savings. Aaaaaaand I'll be spending some of it on boots (I'm not that responsible).

June: Enjoying 6 months of fitness
HAHAHA jokes guys. More like 6 years of non-fitness.

August: Turning 23
It makes me feel like more of an adult, being 23. Like I'm finally out of that college age range. This is also the year where I will be renewing my driver's license and finally rid myself of the dreaded vertical license of the younglings. No longer will bouncers stare at my license for 3 minutes trying to read the "under 21 until 08/19/2012" stamp. Also, when August comes my sisters will be forced to stop singing Taylor Swift's "22" whenever they see me.

November: One year anniversary at my job and living in Dallas
It's been almost 3 months since I made the biggest decision of my life to take a new job in a new city and pretty much start over. It's been tough at times, but mostly it's been a blast. I work in a skyscraper, there are places open past 11pm, and unlimited food options. All pretty big deals to someone who grew up in the rural panhandle. But, I still feel new to the city, so hopefully by November I'll feel like a resident and true Dallasite. Dallasian? Dallastonian? Whatever, I don't care. I'm just waiting for the day where I don't have to rely on Google Maps to get to the Domino's two miles away from my apartment.

Of course there are other things I'm excited for in 2014 and things I hope to achieve, but I'm not going to bore you lovely readers with my hope to run a marathon. Which is a lie. Only marathons I do are Netflix marathons. Also follow my #Adulthood tweets for moments that make it clear that no one should have allowed me to become an adult (@jestark19).

Stark out.

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  1. I hope we'll hear a detailed description of each milestone as you attain it. Then keep the memories to read when you turn 53.....:)