Monday, January 6, 2014

Hippo the Hypocrite Makes Resolutions

Oh hey. Happy New Year + one week. Where have The Duds been? Being 20-somethings who sometimes don't do stuff we meant to, like blogging. Sorry. We'll be better. 

How about a New Year post? Yes, okay. 2013 was awesome. It was exactly as I'd hoped for in my post from last New Year. Getting married was the coolest, and I started freelancing on the side in August– which I am already head-over-heels in love with [shameless self-promotion: click here for my Etsy shop]. Plus, I'm closer to being the person I actually want to be, so we'll put 2013 in the win column.

Every year I talk about how much I hate resolutions and how I'm not going to make any. Want to know my dirty little secret? I always make resolutions. Hippo the Hypocrite, that's me. When I'm really honest with myself, I don't hate resolutions as much as I hate potential failure. Because if you don't commit to the change out loud, then you can't fail at it. How much trash is that? I'm calling myself on it, because I know it's a terrible way to be. 

How much can I expect to improve if I'm too scared of failure to take any risks at all? Isn't that what your 20s are all about anyway? Trying stuff, sucking at it, then eventually evening out as a human? That's what I want to do. Try, fail, and then improve. And so, count me in as a cliché, because here are my resolutions:

Be nicer. Mostly to myself. But also to everyone. 

Be healthier. I'm annoyed with myself for this one, but it's a biggie and I'm being all honest, so there. P.S. "Healthier" is my way of saying I'd like to stop stuffing my face with cake at every opportunity.

Chill. I want to be able to not get so anxious about things. This was a secret resolution from last year that I did improve a little, but since we're all just works in progress, it's still on the table. One note: this excludes celebrity award shows; I will still scream about those. Actually, TV in general, because HAVE U GUYZ WATCHED SCANDAL????

Grow my freelance business. Like I said, I love what I'm doing, and I want to keep it moving. ~I dO cUsToM oRdErS YaLL~ 

Blog more. I'm not always the most interesting human, ya know, but I'll try to take a break from Netflix every now and again to do something worth telling you guys about. 

It's a lot, but I think I can handle all this if I really give it my best. Being honest about my goals feels like a step in right direction...and look, here's a blog so I'm already doing alright. Baby steps. Today a blog, tomorrow a salad.

Happy 2014! Only one more year 'til hover-boards, √° la Back to the Future II! 


  1. Glad you're back!

  2. Instead of a salad, how about a Which Wich?
    Now, where are the other 4 Duds?

    1. Which Wich sounds amazing. They're working on posts! Love you.