Friday, January 10, 2014

Kliff Kingsbury Tells All: The Sequel

Back in August, when we posted a series of ridiculous questions that we wanted to ask Kliff Kingsbury, the notion of him actually answering them was a relatively distant dream. We didn't expect to receive an email from him the next morning and certainly didn't expected the reaction from Raider fans afterwards. To all of those who shared it, discussed it on Lubbock sports radio, and openly preferred it to his more professional interviews, we thank you for the wild ride!

For months now, friends and strangers have been asking for a follow up to the first Q&A and we were admittedly nervous to email him back. I suppose after an entire football season putting Coach K on a pedestal suddenly made it feel like he was no longer a normal person and we would just be bugging him. However, after college football season officially ended, and with some encouragement, we finally did. You can imagine the glee when we received a response from a Coach Kingsbury saying, and I quote directly, "I'd be honored."

We're so excited to share this follow-up Q&A with Coach K with everyone and a huge thank you to Kliff for taking the time to answer them (not that they require too much thought). 

So ONCE AGAIN, here's Kliff!


Caroline & the Duds

Round 2.

First off, Merry (Belated) Christmas! Best gift you received this year?

-A blown up framed picture from my brother of my two little nephews all decked out in Tech gear flashing the “Guns Up!”.

Best gift you’ve received EVER?

-Autographed Joe Montana jersey

Beach guy or mountains/country guy? (We’re actually betting on this. If you say mountains, I’m out twenty bucks.)


Dream holiday vacation destination?


What does Kliff Kingsbury bring to a holiday potluck? (Be honest…if you go to Market Street 30 minutes before, we won’t judge you)

-Grey Goose

Thoughts on the little boys who dressed up as you for Halloween?


Your personal best Halloween costume ever as a kid? (PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN)

-We were always cheap with it.  I would just rock my uniforms from whatever sport I was into at that time.  

If you could take a mental snapshot a single moment in time over the entire season that you would consider your absolute favorite…what moment would that be?

-Watching our seniors be able to go out with a win in a great bowl game.

Your least favorite?

-Every loss

Is there a coach, former or current, that you most admire? (You can pick more than one—no pressure.)

 -My father. He was my high school coach and an incredible disciplinarian.

Excluding Tech games, best college game this season?

-Auburn vs. Alabama

New recruits aside, what player should we look out for in the 2014 season?

-Reggie Davis has a chance to make some noise.

Okay, I’ve genuinely wondered this every game all season…do you ever actually lose your temper in the locker room?

-I try to remain relatively calm on game days because it is already a high stress situation for our players.  My occasional freak out usually happens in practice.

Crunchy or creamy peanut butter?


Waffles, pancakes, or French toast?


IMPORTANT: CAPTION this thought bubble:

- “I KNEW I shouldn’t have watched that Blackfish movie…I feel soooooo guilty.”

How many stars would you give Wes Welker’s Old Spice commercial?

-4, he’s a jokester so those commercials fit him perfectly.

When can we expect your Old Spice commercial?

-More of a Jean Paul Gaultier guy.

Budweiser or Shiner?


Name three movies on your Netflix recommendations right now:

-World War Z, Zero Dark Thirty, We Are the Millers (Apple TV)

Is it mandatory your future children’s first names start with K?

-Great question. No, but early leaders for consideration are Kadence, Kadet, Kane, Kash…

Celebrity crush as a teenager:

-Pamela Anderson

Thundercats or Transformers?


Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis?

-Sega Genesis

Super Soaker or Nerf Gun?

-Super Soaker

What movie that you saw as a child would you’d say has still left you with some deeply rooted, traumatic scarring?

 -It by Stephen King. If you haven’t watched it, don’t. It will mess you up.

As that time of year approaches…preferred Girl Scout cookie?

-Shortbread all day.

Of course, the question everyone wants to know: What would be your theme song of choice for this season?

-Wrecking Ball.

And finally, now that your first season  has come to a close, any last words to Red Raider fans reading this right now?

-Thank you all for the incredible support and encouragement.  It means the world to our staff and players, and the best is yet to come!

Missed Part I? Click here.


  1. Caroline, this is amazing as usual!

  2. Very entertaining, thank you.

  3. You guys did it again! Good stuff.

  4. "The best is yet to come!" - I know he's referring to next season (which I'm already counting the days till), but maybe he wants more questions? Who knows haha Wreck 'em!

  5. Pretty good little Q&A there. Pretty good little Q&A.

    Good to see all the VTM'ers out here!

  6. Nicely done. Which answer surprised you?

    1. We all thought he'd be more of a waffle guy. Did any of them surprise you?

    2. This is so fun! Good Job, Ladies!! Can't wait for the next Q&A.

  7. Great Q&A. Kliff is easily the most open of all college coaches and really seems to enjoy these crazy questions by The Duds.

  8. That is awesome! "wrecking ball" Hahahahaha Wreck 'Em

  9. Hahahahaha wrecking ball! lmao #Wreckem

  10. That is awesome! "wrecking ball" Hahahahaha Wreck 'Em

  11. You guys rock! I think he enjoyed this as much as we all did.
    Post pics of coach k and the duds.
    Grey goose surprised me.

    1. We've never had the pleasure of meeting Kliff! It's a star-crossed affair...


  12. Love this!! These two q&a's have shed more light on Kliff's personality than all the other articles on him combined. Great job!

  13. We're so meant to be...

  14. Kool!!! My cheeks hurt from the grin on my face while I read this!
    Oh yes, I just realized that The Coach and I have the same initials!

  15. Now this is journalism at its best. Should be a regular thing with other coaches, but only to show how cool Kliff is compared to the rest of the world

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  17. Courtney (Mays) GauthreauxJanuary 15, 2014 at 2:47 PM

    LOL Wrecking Ball. I'm Dying!!!!!!!!

  18. Ask him if he wears boxers or briefs next time!