Monday, January 13, 2014

The #GoldenDuds

From the midst of our wine hangovers, we thank you guys for bearing with us during the Golden Globes last night. The Duds love us some Globes and ESPECIALLY Tina Fey & Amy Poehler. If you follow us on Twitter, you already knew all of that. For those of you who do not follow us, first of all, fix that sitch immediately, and second of all, we present to you the best of the #GoldenDuds– from the red carpet until Emma Thompson drank all the red wine.


Kaley Cuoco is the new Anne Hathway, sans the talent. And our love for JLaw remains steadfast in spite of that weird dress:

It doesn't hurt that she photobombed Taylor Swift, who, side-note: didn't win an award, THANK GOD. But JLaw wasn't the only one with some fashion-related issues:

And then there was Guest Dud, Emmie's, true-to-form freak out about Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson– which is even better if you go back and read her post about them.

Finally, the long-awaited opening with Tina & Amy, where each Dud had a silent Twitter feed for a few minutes as we all died and came back to life due to their comedienne-greatness. 

The enjoyment was abruptly cancelled by Jaqueline Bisset. (As we all shouted in unison, "WHO?")

But then Bryan Cranston & Breaking Bad got the goods and everything was perfect again.

None of us understood why this composer dude thought it was okay to show up like this:

And then Emma Thompson, just..

Diane Keaton wore a suit and we were not surprised at all.

Thanks again for putting up with our obsessions. You can all look forward to much more of that, because AwArD sEaSoN!! Please enjoy your day as much as we enjoyed Julia Louis-Dreyfus enjoying this hotdog.

--The Duds

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