Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Remember Us?

We’re back. Well, sort of. We’re going to do things a little bit differently this time around. Because life so often gets in the way, we aren’t going to post every day. We’re going to post when we feel like it. When inspiration hits. When we need a creative outlet. When we need to vent about stuff (because, come on, who has a diary these days?).

Also, expect more guest posts. And we want YOU (probs like 10 readers including our family members) to contribute. Got something to say? Email us. Facebook us. Tweet us. Text us. Stalk us (just kidding).

Over the past six months, quite a few people have asked about The Duds. Where have we been? What have we been up to? Why don’t we post anymore? It means a lot to us, y’all.

When we began The Duds almost two years ago (wut.), we were still in college, unemployed post-grads, or recently employed post-grads with exemplary time management skills. As our lives changed, it became increasingly more difficult to keep up and adapt Dud maintenance around it. We're hoping this OS update, if you will, will fit better into our lives and get us back onto your newsfeeds again.

Stay tuned... 


  1. herd the ginger gt knocked up , sup ladees.

  2. These beautiful 5 ladies give most of us a glimpse of today's ups and downs--and even sideways! Everyone of them is a gifted writer. I love to hear how their worlds differ from the world that I lived 50 years ago. It's amazing to me to hear how The Lord gives us the strength and knowledge to adapt.
    Welcome home, Duds!!