Friday, October 17, 2014

Friends storylines that would be no big deal nowadays

There has been a lot of buzz about the best show ever made lately (for those of you non-believers, sorry to tell you but Friends is and forever will be the best show of all time). The 20th anniversary of the pilot episode was last month and this week it was announced that all 10 glorious seasons will be on Netflix at the beginning of the year.
An accurate depiction of what happened to me after hearing the news at work.
Finally, I will no longer depend on late-night marathons on Nick-at-Nite or having to bribe my friends who own the box set with wine to watch multiple seasons at once. I can binge watch whenever I want. With all this fantastic news going around there is one thing I keep hearing though:

"I wish Friends was on now instead of back then!"

Do you wish that? Really? Think back to pretty much any episode and you'll see that it would be a million times different if Friends were on today instead of 10-20 years ago. There was no social media, cellphones weren't mass produced, and people only had voicemails as a means to leave someone a message... VOICEMAILS.

Let's just look at a few storylines that would not have even occurred in modern times:

The one where Chandler gets catfished by Janice

Long Story Short: Chandler web chats with random girl, falls for her, turns out girl is his annoying (understatement) ex-girlfriend.

What Didn't Exist During that Episode: Facebook stalking. 5 minutes into that chat, Chandler would have done some hardcore internet searching to find anything about this girl. Then he would have found her Tinder profile and been like...

Obvious gif selection, I know, I just don't care 

The one where Monica and Chandler spend an entire episode organizing CDs

Long Story Short: Monica and Chandler figure out that all 200 of their CDs are in the wrong case.

What Didn't Exist During that Episode: Spotify, Pandora, MP3s in general. CDs were still very necessary to listen to music at this time, and nothing could BE more annoying than not knowing where your Miami Vice soundtrack is. Not a very important story arc, but it lasted an entire episode and we got to hear Chandler sing Annie. Win/win

The one where Rachel gets heartbroken when Ross shows up at the airport with Julie

Long Story Short: Rachel realizes she has feelings for Ross, but he picks up a new girlfriend while he's in China.

What Didn't Exist During That Episode: Instagram. I am 100% sure that Ross would be all over Instagram posting pictures of new fossils, Ben and Emma, and #TBT's of him and Monica. My point is, Ross would have posted every moment of his and Julie's romance, there would have been no season cliffhanger at the airport, and Rachel would have grieved with a gallon of ice cream while simultaneously scrolling through all of Ross' valencia-filtered pictures.

The one where Phoebe is kept up all night by a beeping smoke detector

Long Story Short: Phoebe's smoke detector runs out of batteries in the middle of the night, she can't get it to stop beeping, and as a result meets an attractive fireman when she throws it down a garbage chute.

What Didn't Exist During That Episode: YouTube tutorials on how to do literally everything under the sun. Phoebe would have looked up a 30 second video, fixed the beeping, gone back to sleep, and never met the fireman. I think this one would haunt me the most.

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