About The Duds

Formed in a group text, The Duds is the brain child of five best friends: Rachel, Caroline, Nicole, Jessica, and Megan. We met during our college days at Texas Tech University (wreck 'em) through our major of advertising. We quickly fell madly in love with each other because, well, we're all pretty awesome. Now we're all just post-grad kickin' it in various cities across the US of A and writing about any and everything that happens to strike our fancy. We think we're hilarious.

What is a Dud?

Good question. There are two kinds of Duds in this world, each of which are the the exact opposite of the other, so it gets a little dicey. 

duds: basically just people with no personality or any interest to them whatsoever. The kind of people who tweet pictures of casserole.

Duds: with a capital D. That's us. We're awesome, and we never tweet pictures of casserole.

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The Duds Twitter: @TheFiveDuds
The Duds Facebook: The Duds

Rachel: @rachellaine
Caroline: @carolinefev
Nicole: @nicolesever
Jessica: @jestark19
Megan: @meganmaxi

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